Please help with sexing...first grow...pre-flower

if someone could help with sexing i would appreciate it.

it may be a bit early…but thought i’d try…will try to take better pics if these aren’t clear enough.

DSC_0274 DSC_0276


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Still too early to tell yet. How old are they from seed ?


first sprout about 8/2/20
first veg 8/13/20

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Should show within the next week or 2.

Just a pic of what to look for. :wink:


thank you for the quick response…and pics

i hope you have a great night!

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Your welcome. :+1::drooling_face::v:
And you as well.

I bet with a loupe you can tell what sex it is. Or a magnified picture we could prob tell. You got something going on.

I thought I saw something there!

one other pic(below the one you circled) from different angle is blurry… I am perfecting using a Macro lens on a Canon DSL camera.

About 5 years ago… It worked for looking at tricomes… Hard to focus with manual focus.

I will try again next weekend and repost.

I appreciate your help! I hope you have a great day.

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Just remember on your lens it’s a macro not a micro so watch min focus distance. I’m sure you know but checking. Motion blur kills me lol.

A few years ago… We grew using huge CFLs… Was just starting out… Looking back, we are amazed at how much went wrong and we did wrong. Started with 99 seeds expecting a large failure rate and then a large portion to be males… We ended up with like 80 females with room for… What I now know… Only 6-8 max.

From over watering, fungus gnats infestation, wrong nutrients, no humidity control, heat control or proper ventilation… We had one box fan… Using white Styrofoam sheets as walls allowed a ton of light in at dark time… Result… Tall skinny not bushy plants, small airy buds, bud rot and hermes … It sucked and was a waste of time.

This time…after getting screwed by a dealer and was sold “2 zips of crappy plant material that looked like bud but had no smell and absolutely no stickiness and no effect” we decided to do it ourselves.

With the help of people like yourselves… Things are much better this time.

As far as the Macro lens… We think what we did right last time but forgot with these sexing pics… Is lens was too far from the intended target… So Saturday or Sunday we are trying again… Fingers crossed.

Along with the taller plants…in pre-flower… We have a few tiny stragglers… Once we sex the large… Goodbye to the little bastards unless we have a lot of males…then they get a reprieve.

Next time… No seeds from stuff bought… Feminized for sure!

Have a great day!



So far three females… No clear males yet…

Using a simple magnifying glass and light has worked great.

Will take new pics next week for another update.

Thanks again!


Total of 6 females out of 9 plants so far… Any more females and I will have to make some tough choices.

Figured that out of 10 solo cups I would get only so many females… Out of 12 seeds found in various bags… All indica or mostly indica hybrids… 2 were duds…out of 10 germinated in solo cups… Got 9 seedlings.

With a 4x4 grow tent was hoping to have 6 maximum females… The last three could go either way. Hoping the last three are males otherwise I will have to choose which ones to keep and which to destroy… Bummer… Very hard to make that decision. But three got to go. Front three in pick are the last to sex.

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Gif of pics from day 1 in tent after transplanting to 3 gallon pots. I take picks daily… So about 23 days in is the resulting gif. 20200911_211112

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Ahhhh… Now 7

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Thanks again for the pics… They are very heloful.

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All the other 7 were very easy to see with either the naked eye or with a 50x magnifying glass. Not sure of the last ones.

Last two that need to be sexed, took some pics with the macro lens on a Canon D60:

I think #1 is a female but don’t know for sure…any ideas or?
…and #2 I also think is a female but still need advice for both





Sure you don’t have fem seeds :yum:. Both look female shaped to me.

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Positive…all from bags…dude would give me a choice…as I was suffering from horrible nerve pain…I could look up the strain and picked all indica…I didn’t keep track of the strain seeds until later…these were from my “random seed stash”…wish I would have just tossed them and used the ones I had labeled at least I would know what strains I have. After my last failure in growing I didn’t want to sacrifice known seeds.

Thank you once again for you help!!

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Just keep an eye on em til you see pistils I’m still learning myself.

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will do …thank you!!!

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