Please help with Granddaddy seedling

So running a small dwc setup. Germed seeds in hydro dome and then transfered them to tent 2 weeks ago. temp 70-80 rh 50-60

Plant is about 2 1/2 weeks old and start to show these symptoms a couple of days ago.

Up until then I was just running r/o water ph’d to 5.5-6 with nothing else in it but small does of rapid root. Then is started to show the yellowing, so i added small dose of calimag and 1/4 strength lucus formula. But doesnt seem to be improving. ppms are now around 225-250


This needs to come up to around 600 PPMs. You’ll probably need to support the spindly one. I don’t transfer to the net cup until I have enough root growth coming out the rock wool cube. What’s the distance between the nutrient solution and net cup? 2” would be ideal with res temps 65-70. I would suggest adding a root innoculant after you mix and PH the nutrient solution, most use hydroguard, I use Southern Ag because I can’t get the Hydroguard where I live :love_you_gesture: