Please help me identify this and the best home remedy and reasonably priced product I could use to kill it?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Could you please help me identify this and the best home remedy and reasonably priced product I could use to kill it? It is shishkaberry grown mostly in the sun in Miami Florida in a pot but I supplement it with a 25 watt LED light. I used fox farm soil as a medium and use their tiger bloom big bloom and big grow plant food. I tried spraying a milk-water mix and I tried apple cider and I tried Ajax. What else can I do? The growth is appearing from the ground up. The top leaves look great.
It is a shishkaberry that is beginning to flower. I am growing outside in a pot in fox farm soil and I feed it fox farm big bloom and fix farm tiger bloom, each a teaspoon every week. The weather is very hot; 85-100 degrees F but the temperature is starting to go down now to the mid 70’s. And the humidity is 90 to 100%. All grown outside, no CO2 tank and no air conditioning. I do use a 25 watt LED growlight from 4 pm to 7 pm each evening. Please identify this flaky white stuff and please identify the best: A) home remedy and B) the best retail product. I have already tried spraying a milk water mix. Then I tried spraying apple cider vinegar. The milk seemed to work for a four days. Then it came back.”

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I am by no means an expert but if it flakes off of the leaf and the leaf is intact - might it not be salts a build up and it being expelled through the leaves? You did mention feeding them weekly - if they are pot grown I would think that excessive - I grow indoor and feed bi-wkly and only during flowering. The soil should carry the plants till flower with enough nutrients.

I’ve noticed a dew on some of my plants sometimes and I did not water - this could be them breathing and with yours they could be trying to rid themselves of the excess. Again I am far from an expert – just my opinion… I would flush the soil and see how this goes first.

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If it is powdery mildew the milk solution will work good but you will have to keep reapplying every 3-4 days to keep it in check…just keep an eye out and if. You see a spot hit it with the solution…if bad give her a bath in it (spray her good all over) milk is a natural fungicide and won’t hurt the plant… actually good for the plant and I ffound milk solution to work better than the vinegar solution


It looks like nuts splash to me first picture
Second and third almostlook like slug trails ?
Is the whole plant being affected or jut the couple leaves you posted ?
Maybe post a picture of the over all plant also


Only the lower leaves and ones growing in the center of the bush

The ones in center can be lack of light
And lower leaves can get splashed with nutes if your to aggressive while feeding