Please Help me. First Grow

I have some autos going and now there all sick. The room did get to 95f for almost 12 hours before I seen and fixed the temp. I run at 80f and 55-60 humidity. Not sure what is going on here but there all like this.

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Here’s info on nutrients:



You can use a light meter or an app named Photone


It helps dial in the proper ratio of heat and humidity.

pH chart for soil


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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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Its hard to say without some more info. The high temps may have played a factor but we can assist you better if you fill this in the best you can


Welcome to the community , 95゚ is definitely a little hot. @Ebb Has you a support ticket posted if you can fill in a little info will help us to help you. :blush:


White widow, northern lights, and runtz
all auto flower from ILGM
Fox farm soil 5 gal fabric pots 6.5ph water and the big NL girl has started the fox farm trio

indoor the 2x2 tent has a 4in mars hydro air system and the ts1000 mars hydro light at around 300ppfd

the 4x4 with the NL has a 6in mars hydro fan and the ts3000 light at 635ppfd.

Try to keep the temps at 80f day and night and the humidity is 55-60 with my humidifier.
No co2 at this time I still have a lot to learn before I attempt it.
All plants were fine then when the temp went up they all started to show this stress that’s seen in the pictures.

I was told with the fox farm soil to wait 4-5 weeks before starting nutes so the only plant I have given any is the NL in the 4x4. I think she was close to pre flower. She is on day 33

In the 2x2 the bigger plant is the white widow and the two smaller ones are the runtz.
Any help will be great as this is my first grow and all was going good and now boom I have no idea what’s wrong or what to do to fix the problem. Thank you to anyone who helps with this.


@kellydans you want to take this one. Im more familiar with Hydroponics than soil. Although given what @Kathy2851 described im leaning towards hightemps and over watering on the larger plant. Shes just stressed a little bit and will pull out if it. And possibly underfeeding and/or a pH issue on the smaller plants. They look hungry.


I would let the 2 seeedling pots dry out a bit they look too wet as @Ebb mentioned .Also the larger plant water About every 3 days , lift the pots Before & After watering to determine when the they need water or feed. Ocean forest soil I have went as long as 6 weeks before needing feed. The larger plant after it drys out I would water to run off check the PPM to determine when to feed. How often are you watering and how much. Overall plants look ok keep up the good work. :v:


I have been watering every couple days and I add just enough to see it coming out of the bottom. On the bigger girl I gave her the nutes then the next water was just regular ph water. Do I need to feed the smaller plants since there in the ocean forest soil or wait until week 5 or 6? Thank you for taking the time to provide help.


@Kathy2851 Watering is one of the biggest hurtles to learn.

I water/feed to run off twice a week. The plants will tell you when they need water… Or you can lift the container dryish then after to know when watering/feeding time is near or upon you.

In between waterings/feedings I use Recharge… About 3/4 cup around the base of the plant. I always shoot for pH of 6.5 when watering in soil unless I am trying to adjust my soils pH.

Watering correctly will also help keep infestations down… Like fungus gnats.

The VPD chart will help you make sure your temps and humidity are correct for your plants stage.
The DLI will help you adjust your ppfd to the correct setting of light per day.

Which fox farm nutrients are you using? Amounts?


So far I give the grow big and the big bloom. I have the tiger bloom and there cal mag but have not started it yet. I followed there chart they sent me with the nutes. I can post a picture of the chart if you need it I think it is also on the fox farm website.

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I think the big NL is starting to recover some of the leaves seem to be perking back up. The others still look the same.


I have one of theirs that I’ve edited to suit my tastes…I have removed flushes unless they get nute lockout… Which is rare for me.

I use Roots Organics Original soil… Awesome stuff.

The Tribus Original I add with the Recharge…


Per the Autoflower dli chart your light should be at around 30-40


Let the small plants ride PH water only try not to overwater. Ocean forest will carry the plants 5 to 6 weeks. It is a good practice to Water in a 6" circular pattern around the small plants , roots will go searching for water.