PLEASE help just a minute of your time I'd be grateful

Hey guys I’m kinda new to growing inside. I have a 1200 veg bloom type led light. I’m using soil I made with vermiculite and perlite and organic soil. I have newer seedlings and transplanted them I to there new pot. It’s been 3 or 4 days now since the transplant but no new growth I’m worried haha I dont have anymore seeds nor a means to get more. I’ve got a small fan on them and I’ve only used a tiny amount of general hydroponic fertilizer. If anyone has suggestions please let me know I have uploaded a few pictures

I should add that the leafs have started to get a little bit of yellowing which can be seen in the pictures

i wouldn’t give it any nutes for 2 or 3 weeks, just water, make sure your containers have holes in the bottom for drainage

please fill out a support ticket, if you look at the top of your screen you should see a magnifying glass search tool, simply type ( support ticket ) in the search bar. Once we know more about whats really going on there, we should be able to help.

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed. Random bag seed from hydro grown
  • Method: Organic soil I mixed perlite and vermiculite
  • Vessels: started in small cups moved to rubber maid 10 gallon container with holes and thin layer of rock in the bottom for drainage
  • PH of water. 7.4 ph.
  • PPM/TDS used PPM tester on water used before nutrient 159
  • Indoor or Outdoor. Indoor
  • Light system. 1200w led king with both veg and bloom switches on
  • Temps; 70 to 80. Depending on air conditioning running
  • Humidity; no reading but I assume a little humid cause its in bathroom
  • Ventilation system; Yes a rotating fan and bathroom exhaust
  • AC, home ac but vents to room have been limited to raise temps a little
  • Co2; no additional co2
    Soil p.h. tests all came back in low 7 range
    Things seemed fine when in the smaller cups but after transferring to larger pots things slowed drastically. Roots were not disturbed much when transferred. This is latest pics showing the yellowing in the leafs

I think your biggest issue is the pot they’re in. The plants won’t grow much until root system builds, which takes a while in a big pot. Otherwise your ph is a little high, and you should be watering in a ring around outer 2/3 of pot to encourage root growth.


I got.a little jumpy putting them in the larger pots. I’ll cut water down and I try the circular watering method then. Probably better to leave them and let them grow into the pots then? I figure transferring again would be bad idea. I’m thankful for.the advice I have no more clones.or seeds so its do or die lol


Thanks again guys my babies are much better now. Super grateful for the help. If you notice anything else I should do or change let me know 20200828_190940|375x500