Please Help I think I Messed Up

So I have 9 WW Auto Flowers from ILGM.

They are at 22 Days old from sprout.

When I woke up today to check them I noticed some White Tentacle looking things sticking out from some of the node sights on all the he plants.

So I know they have started the flowering process.

My problem is I just starting low stress training them 3 days ago.

How much is this gonna effect me and what should I be doing for them.

I have the humidity down to from 60% to about 50% and the tent temp has been moved up to about 79-80 degrees from 74-77 previously.

Also they are on the short side when should I expect the “stretching phase” now that they are going to flower?

Please help anyone I’m like freaking the f out

Hard to be precise without pictures but don’t freak.
22 days may be a little early but not outrageous.
Are the hairs (tentacles) at the point where the branch meets the stalk or on the tops where there is new upward growth? Possible it is just showing it’s sex and not actually flowering yet.

I can grab a picture but they are just kinda showing up all over let me get a couple pics

Hard to see but they are there near the new growth

OK You can relax. She is still vegging. That is just showing that she is indeed female.
This is early flower. See the white pistils at the very tops and will stretch and stack as they do.

This is a White Cheese so similar to yours.

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Full flower.

Late flower and getting close.

These may or may not be the same plant, I’m not sure, but the references are valid for any plant.

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Relax you’re in pre preflower phase you won’t see clustering for a week or 2

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Okay so I should be good to lower the humidity down to something closer to late veg cycle around 50-55% RH and Keep my temps between 70-80 degrees between day and night cycle.

I try to keep the temp swings with lights off within 5 degrees of day temps.

Also everyone that has commented on my other threads told me not to feed them anything till they need it.

But I’m using DTE dry organic amendments wich take 2 weeks to usually fully break down and I don’t want my girls to be hungry mid flower.

I’m due for a dry amendment on the 18th that is exactly 2 weeks from my transplant date. So my first round of DTE is going to be fully broken down soon.
@GreenSnek do you care to chime in?

Hit them with 6 Tbsp flower nutes for now and then 16-20 tbsp top dressed when you start seeing clustering . It takes 2-3 weeks for it to break down so by the time they start showing problems it takes to long to fix with anendments

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Looks good

Ya using dry amendments can’t afford to miss the feed schedule. I don’t want to be week 4 of flower and be like oh shit. My girls don’t have anything to eat lol.

When should I supplement with a compost tea I’ve heard between top dressing can really help stimulate the microbe life.

I’m 100% doing just some pH water mixed with Unsulphured Molasses. When I go to water them on the 18th with the top dress.

This is the bottle I picked up from the store.

That’s basically what I do 1/2 tablespoon molasses with 1/2 teaspoon epsom salt every non nectar for the gods watering . DONT make compost tea with molasses particularly if you brew it longer then 2 days the sugars make the microbe life explode they eat all the food to quickly then starve(I personally never brew teas don’t need to if you time your top dressing well)

Okay good to know I got two 5 gallon buckets with a beefy air pump with some air stones in each that I used to make my water.

Usually fill them up and pump air into the water for 24 hours before feed to de-chlorinate them.

Not sure if I will end making any tea’s but prop. will try to avoid using a tea unless I need to quickly fix a deficiency.

Feel like I’m trying to do to many advanced techniques on my first time. But that’s how I am. Either all in or nothing at all.



Your 'girls" are looking good!


Just an “FYI” using air stones and some amendments is good during veg. Just not too much. HOWEVER, every time you water, ALWAYS check the PH of your water before you water your plants. I usually adjust PH to between 6.3 to 6.7.

The only other area you might look into is good lighting. After a year of growing auto’s, I changed my lighting from two 1,200 watt “Blurpies” to an HLG system about two months ago. YIKES!!! Did my plants explode in bud growth - every one since installation of the new lights set new personal growth in plant yield.

:crazy_face: :shushing_face: :thinking: :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the boost in confidence they just seem kinda short and only 22 Days and I have pistil forming just happened alot sooner than I thought.

Really wanted to get to day 30 with them before they started showing pistils. Oh well time to learn some more about the next grow phase lol