Please don't buy this

This is my second post here.

This place is FULL of very knowledgeable folks. Everyone has a great attitude here and there are some cool characters.
Its like my personal “goggle” for all things cannabis.

I would like to share a warning to any new or budget minded growers.
Do not, i repeat DO NOT buy this pH meter!!!

Even after calibration it was 2.3-6 high.

I cannot stress to you how much I’m NOT a shill or spaming THIS brand. Im a research guy and this is the one that suited ME at what i think is a good price point…78$ usd delivered with a good size bottle of cleaning and storing solutions.

Im finishing a NL auto that was starved due to me and that dang pos budget meter.
Just popped 3 dp 2 bc 1 gdp autos. With this I am much more confident that any failures this round will be on me.
I can deal with that because I can learn.
Only thing to do with a filthy lying pH meter is to trash it.

Thank you to all the good folks here who have taught and hepled me so much without even knowing it.


I also had issues with the H&M pH meter. No problems with their tds meter though (yet. Lol)

Milwaukee is a decent brand and is supplied at lots of hydro stores as an alternative to Blue Lab, Hannah, and Apera.

I’m interested in their pH control unit that automatically doses the reservoir to keep it in range.


No problems with the tds meter for me either.

Been a LONG time since i did hydro, so im no help there.
Sounds like an awesome tool if it works well and price is right.

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I don’t do hydro, just store a lot of nutrients. Anyway, it seems decent… unfortunately, like a like a lot of “budget friendly” grow aids it can only do either pH up or Down, so you have to know the trend. Good alternative to blue labs version.

Have a good day!

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Just curious if you’ve tried a revitalizing KCl soak with it, if it came with a dry probe.
Blulabs suggests a 24 hour soak before use for their meters if they come dry.


Thanks for the heads up!
It came with a soft rubber seal cup with solution in it. It also had a inspected/calibrated card signed by a person(real ink, not xerox).


My first hm meter lasted a year i bought another and its been about a year and still working. I do clean it and store it properly. I know my water and the nutes so when checking ph if it seems off i calibrate and find that was the issue. Sorry yall had bad experiences.

What brand/model did you have and what ditto did you replace it with?

Forgot to finish my train of thought.
Unit came with 7.01/4.01 calibration solutions and hit those #'s

I calibrated mine twice before calling it trash.

The hm digital ph80 pictured.

Same milwaukee as tools?

Yes, so that’s good.
I’ve always liked their tools.

Yes, that one.

The first hm i bought eventually would not calibrate. I took it back where i got it and they replaced it for free. Maybe they are junk or maybe you just got a bad one to start with, it happens. Either way i hope you find one that works. I Hope your grow is sucessful.

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Yeah, i got a Milwaukee one.
Thanks i hope so too!

Milwaukee Instruments doesn’t appear to be affiliated with Milwaukee Electric Tools in any way that I can find. Different logo, address, company history… can’t find a connection anywhere.

Both are owned by Techronic Industries as i understand it.

Milwaukee Tools is listed under Techronics brand listings on their website, but no mention of Milwaukee Instruments.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I’m in no way knocking the brand. I actually looked into getting a controller for a project I was thinking about a few weeks ago. They seemed like a pretty solid choice, and the brand name had me looking into it a bit back then. I just never found a connection to the good ol’ Red Milwaukee I know.

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That was my experience with my new Milwaukee pH meter, but hopefully you’ll have better luck. Here was what I went through. I’ve always used the cleaner & storage solutions, calibrate regularly, & my meters have always shown up freshly calibrated & in solution. I originally started with a Hanna Checker, & bought a second one to have one at each of my boxes. Well the second Hanna stopped wanting to calibrate after about a month or so. The first one was still working & accurate. Hanna was cool & sent me a whole new meter under warranty. Well, the whole new meter stopped wanting to calibrate after about a month. The first one was still working & accurate. I would have thought I was going nuts, except for the fact that the first one was still working & calibrating & accurate. Since I had three full Hannah Checkers, I was able to determine that all of the probes were good, but the controller heads were bad on the two newer ones. At that point I gave up on another Hanna, & bought the Milwaukee to run as a second meter, & after a couple days that one started to drift significantly. I would recalibrate it using the set screws by the batteries, & it would keep doing it anyway. I didn’t even bother getting a warranty replacement for the Milwaukee. First Hanna was still working fine or I would have been going in circles wondering what the problem was. At that point I bought an Apera, & it has been doing well after about a year now. The first Hanna eventually stopped wanting to calibrate, & for now I only have the one Apera meter for pH, but if I get a second Apera pH, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started acting up since it seems like luck of the draw for me with pH meters, no matter what brand I get.

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