Plants from outside brought indoors (issues)

Currently, ~ 8 weeks into flowering.
Couple of weeks back brought my two outdoor grows inside due to extreme heat and humidity and decided to maintain them indoors. Bought the necessary accessories and like the convenience, however, I think they are experiencing some stress issues. The leaves are greener than I expected at this stage considering the rate they were yellowing outside. Blooming fertilizer was started about a 6 weeks ago. I did loose all of the major fan leaves.

Ever since bringing them in:
• Leaf canoeing has occurred
• Tips pointing upwards and downwards
• Slight nute burn on tips
• Some leaves have small golden scars and some have a unusual shine. Larger than spider mite scaring.

I wait till the soil is pretty dry before watering. (Happy Frog)
I haven’t added any fertilizer for at least 10 days for fear of overdoing.
PH runoff is in the high 5s with 7 going in.
Strain is Girl Scout Cookies.
Question: Is the light too close? About a 18 inches from the smaller and closer to the larger. Supposedly a rated at 1200.
No critters after careful inspecting.
Trichomes have been milky for at least a couple of weeks

Dark color and canoeing, the leaves just look dry.

All suggestions are much appreciated.
Hoping you’re safe and well…elliot

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Insufficient lighting for those 2 big plants to start. The canoeing could just be a huge change in transpiration/humidity, takes a little while for the plants cellular changes to adjust sometimes. Id comment on some minor nute issues, ie calcium/nitrogen. but overall they look healthy and the residual damage is likely from earlier in life.

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Agree. You need more light. Other than that, I’d bet you’re in good shape.

Why did you bring them in? They adapt well to heat and sun. I add some Silca in the feeding to help them deal with the heat. We have been in triple digits for 3 months now :frowning: my outdoor plants did way better than the indoor plants LOL…

Dark color sometimes indicates too much nitrogen.

The leaf spots are hard to tell with the blurple lights but might be starting of calcium deficiency?

Ph in of 7 is too high. Soil sweet spot is 6.5

You can still feed, just not N. They need good bloom nutes (P,K) and at this point, some food for the roots (Great White or Recharge)

ph out… hmm… Can you do a soil slurry test and check ph of the soil?

I agree completely with @Caligurl

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