Plants drooping after transplant


First I would like to say that I tried to resolve this on my own, but now I’m out of ideas, so I though I would ask for your advice!

I don’t know what is happening to my plants, I transplanted them 3 days ago and they have been drooping since. They were just fine before transplanting.

I knew transplanting could shock the plants so I was extra careful to :

  • Transplant them just before the lights turns off for the day
  • do it carefully, not touching the plant itself, just the root ball
  • Water the soil just enough to moist it, not drench it
  • Raise my lights from 24 to 40 inch and lower the intensity to 75%.

I transplanted them in a soil mix made with (50% Fox Farm Happy Frog, 10% Chicken manure, 20% coco coir, 20% perlite, small amount of blood meal and bone meal). They were previously in a mix of coco coir and perlite.

I transplanted 4 plants. 1 day after one plant was drooping, yesterday a second and today a third one. The fourth one seems to start drooping too.

I looked online and thought it has to do with overwatering, but I haven’t been watering them since transplanting. I thought they would just go fine and get better, but the first one is really not getting better at all :frowning:

Do you have any idea of what could cause this? Thanks a lot for your help!

Those plants need water ASAP.
Make certain there are holes in the bottom of those containers, and ph your water to 6.2 water all of them 20% run off minimum.

They’ll be saturated I understand, but they really need water, and they’ll dry out over time.


Was the manure composted? A year old or older?
I agree with @Covertgrower…water!


The soil is still humid around the roots though, are you sure they need more water?

the manure compost i’m using :

bag was brand knew. I hydrated it before a day before adding it to my mix, so everything was mixed really good.

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Here is a picture of the soil i just took, it’s darker and humid below the surface.

Also, there is planty of holes at the bottom and on the sides of the pots.

When I transplant I normally wet the new soil till its all fairly moist, then I water the plant, then I do the transplant, then I water again to settle the soil around all the roots. They may droop a couple days but then rebound.
Cannabis really does not like transplanting so I just plant my seeds in the final pot after soaking 24hrs.
Damping off is not as big a problem after the plant gets older. So watering well after a transplant is best. Tapping the container on a hard surface will fill in the voids.If it was me I would set that droopy one in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes. Then put it in a medium lit space. It may recover.

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ok, thanks a lot for your help. I’ll try that for the first one and see tomorrow if it’s any better.

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I suspect the guano burned the roots. It needs to be composted for several months before use FYI. One of the hottest guano varieties out there.


So I bathed my plants (decided to do all four) for 15 min in filtered water PH 6.2. I also checked the PH of the water after the bath, It was at 9!! Should I worry about it?

@Myfriendis410 Thanks for the information! I also have other plants in that same mix, they are doing fine. I transplanted that one below 2 weeks ago.

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I think its the chicken dung. May not be completely composted.

YES ph of 9 is a major Florkin issue.


That’s because they’re different plants.

Do you mean flush?

What was the TDS of the runoff?


Good question @Myfriendis410 . I assumed he meant flush too.

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yes I meant flush, but i put them in a bowl like @Spiney_norman suggested.

@Myfriendis410 the TDS of the runoff is 1411ppm

I also made an experiment with an other plant where the mix does not contain the chicken manure (only FFHF, Perlite, Coco Coir, Blood meal, Bone meal)

Runoff water PH is at 6.81 and TDS at 1472ppm

So not too bad. I would guess that most of it is N.

Give em a chance to recover and see how they are in a week.

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Thanks! I’m curious about good vs. bad readings of PPM. What would have been considered a bad reading? Do you have any link to share with good information I can read about PPM for Cannabis?

Just to be safe I transplanted the one that I really don’t want to lose into a soil mix without chicken manure. That way I would have a way to check the difference between the others that are still in the mix with chicken manure.

It really doesn’t work that way. A proper experiment would be multiple clones of the same plant run in multiple containers to determine your issue. If from seed, every single plant will behave differently. With a 9.0 PH you have problems.

In soil you should be fine down to around 1,000 ppm before needing to supplement. You can search around here or on Google to find those answers.

At this point I’d say you need to be using different media (soil).


Thanks a lot for your help! I’ll do my research on PPM with soil. Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile: