Plants don't know the difference between organic and inorganic inputs

:disclaimer: I can’t take credit for this as I copied and pasted it, I think it is very insightful.
Neither organic or synthetic is what alot think it is.
I’ve found myself reading alot on this topic lately and this person’s blog was the best summary I could find. My writing skills are very sub-par :man_facepalming:

"In this myth-busting blog we answer the age-old question, “Should I grow with organic or synthetic nutrients?”

First of all, let’s remember that organic doesn’t necessarily mean safe. The simple definition of organic is “consisting of or derived from living matter.” Organic fertilizers can contain: manure, compost, bat guano, feather meal, and fish meal, all of which are chemically unrefined. If you grow with organic fertilizers, it is important to ensure your inputs are clean and free of heavy metals.

Next, let’s establish that synthetic doesn’t mean unsafe. Pharmaceutical grade minerals are deemed synthetic because they are refined. These high-quality minerals have been processed to reduce or eliminate toxic heavy metals and industrial contaminants.

Now that we have those two points clarified, let’s dig deeper. Often, organic fertilizers are slow release. Organic fertilizers are broken down by soil organisms over time to reveal their plant-available nutrients. Full nutrient availability may take years after application.

Cannabis, in a hydroponic environment, requires rapid nutrition. Media like coco coir and rockwool do not contain any plant-available nutrients; these substrates require complete fertilizers that provide the full spectrum of macro and micronutrients. So, if you’re growing with soilless media, you probablyneed the high-level nutrient availability found in synthetic mineral-based fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers are a great choice for soil. Since soil already contains some of the nutrients that plants need, the addition of organic fertilizers might be just the right boost your plants require to flourish. The Journal of Agronomy published a study revealing that soils treated with organic fertilizers contained more biological organisms than untreated soils or soils treated with inorganic fertilizers.

Here’s our conclusion:plants don’t care about organic or synthetic.Plants do not know the difference between organic and inorganic inputs. Plants only use nutrients that are available in their inorganic, ionic form. You can grow healthy and happy plants organically or through the use of synthetic fertilizers.

We’ve found that organic fertilizers work best in soil. And inorganic fertilizers do well in both hydroponic environments and soil. Once you understand the safety and efficacy requirements of your cultivation operation, you can match the right product to your goal."

Thoughts, ideas, and healthy criticism welcome and encouraged :grin:


Plants might not care but that’s not the reason why people use organic nutrients


Why is that?

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Some people just like the sound of the term organic
Some think that inorganic nutes are bad for you.
I agree the plants don’t care, it’s a personal thing.


My experience is that most people think it’s safer or cleaner to use organics…
And that’s simply isn’t the case.

Either it’s a chemist processing the nutrients and feeding the plant or it’s microbial life.
They both give the exact same thing to the plants.
Organic has the higher risk of unwanted contaminants and toxins…

Bottle nutrients most often come from organic material, but they don’t fit the definition of organic because of the “chemical process” used to remove all the toxins such as heavy metals.

Organic sources of nutrients do not get this process so it is possible to have heavy metals and other toxins in them that is impossible to be in synthetic nutrients…

I retired from Whole Foods. Organic tends to be total B.S. in almost all categories. The farmers runoff from next door gets in your organic field. A ph down is used in a watering cycle. You placed organics on a workbench used for non organics. I personally believe the “organic” grow is just easier. Living soil and all. Calling anything organic is very seldom true. We took your cash all those years now Amazon gets to. I NEVER agreed with our organics program but the public is EASY to fool. I would be more inclined to calling it a living soil over organic. AND I LOVE MINE…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


You nailed it on the head my freind :grin:
This is why I started the thread…
Many things in life all together isn’t what we think it is.
I rather enjoy spreading the entire story in life where I can :sunglasses:


To me the word organic dosen’t even belong where it is used :man_facepalming:.
It is most definitely a sales angle in most applications…


A lot of organic fruits taste like crap or is no different than the regular fruit. They know that they can get more $$ for it and it makes the environmentalists happy too. It’s not so much the final product it’s the process to make the nutes that they don’t like.


I make my own living soil I never even thought of it as organic. I grow in the ground and add in what ever I think it needs organic or not. When I get it wrong It’s obvious but usually too late to do anything about it. I had some issues last year with a Black Widow that had a different mix than the other BW. The soil in that section of the greenhouse will be dug up and replaced with new soil.


Can’t argue with this really.

I like the term living soil.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s obvious benefits to this method as people’s grows shows.
I’m just unconvinced there’s any "health benefits " to it over bottled nutes.
I see it as the exact opposite infact…


I get what you’re saying your info and opinion are solid IMO, but for me I’m not worried about the health differences of something that’s already not good for me in a lot of other ways. The amount of chemicals I’ve put into my body over 63 years outweigh a little weed. I pretty much only dry flower vape or do concentrates to limit the amount of carcinogens.


Spot on man. I am almost all edibles now. MJ and cigs my only vices left. I smoke very little. I freak out friends when i take awesome flowers and make edibles. 1 guy i know flat paid me to give him 2oz instead of reducing it. I normally never sell. Heck he gave me 100…i gave him 2 oz of gg4. Poor guy. It was so strong it couched him every time. He LOVED it.


I vape nicotine, my only vice, unless you count ILGM I was an IV drug user until I was 39 haven’t done a drug other than pot since and I’ve only been doing that for about 3 years. I grew weed that I never got to try.


Man i was an alchoholic for 30 years. Destroyed my liver…my mind. Disabled me. I put myself in and wouldnt come out till ready. 80k a friggin momth for 3 months. Not a drop in 5 years. Could not smoke in corporate management till went to Whole Foods…lmao. when i passed out for 4th time and had a set of mini strokes i retired. Was on 8 pills a day. Restarted growing and have nixxed 6. Antidepressants…opiates for pain…gabopentin for diabetes…thank alchohol for the diabetes. Been a life changer. Wife uses an edible every once in a blue moon for her back. She could not get up with pain. Took a regimen for 2 months. The pain receded enough for her to move more. Back got stronger now takes seldom. Not a user of cannabis. My liver RECOVERED and those pills gone also. I supply some disabled friends now. All of them prefer edible. BTW CONGRATS ON RECOVERING!!! My recovery was the hardest thing i ever did. Keep the path my friend. Never go back.


I checked into a 6mo rehab Salvation Army in Canoga Park CA. In June 20th 1998 after 10 days in a detox for heroin haven’t touched alcohol since 1985 Herion since 1998 Got sober in AA all my friends are AA congrats on 5yrs that’s huge. I got a buddy who’s had 9 mini strokes from drinking along with everything you just said. He’s the same age as me and can’t stay sober to save his life. Sad


I need to read what I wrote before posting had to edit that a couple times. I blame it on the weed


Wish there was some way we could all get together and have a big BBQ/THC event at some kind of neutral place share our weed and techniques and some food, regular and infused. We could get to know each other better without breaking ILGM forum rules.
I know I’m just dreaming, most of us live pretty far away from each other.


The world has changed my friend :frowning:


Yeah, sure has