Planting purple haze

@OldSkunk What techniques I gotta do to yield at least 10oz off one purple haze plant from ilgm, asking bc I’m a beginner

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Scrog or a huge outdoor plant will be the only option with one plant. If you plan on an indoor grow, you’d have to have enogh room to veg it long enough to get that much product.


Thanks @Drillbit I appreciate it, what’s my realistic yield in a 4x4 with an 1800watt cob Led, I’m growing organic. I also plan on using 10gal smart pots.

10 oz is a low expectations for a 1800 watt led what’s the actual power at the wall. Its probably a 600x 3watt chip or 360x 5 watt depending on the quality of the light if your conditions are kept in check and you follow this forums advice you might be greatly surprised brotha. Just don’t be hard headed and read read read… And read read… And read oh yea read … lol I’m a damn near book read expert but im new to putting it to practice so happy growing drop some update pics I’ll stick around to see … I got 5 purple haze bag seed 5 days into flower so cheers

and my buddy has about 6, 2 weeks in flower here’s them with some white widows

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@fano_man lol wow, I love to read Also, that’s my set up, my light is 6pcs, 6 300w integrated leds

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As long as you do proper pruning and training and enough veg time you should have no problem reaching your final

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It definitely won’t be enough light footprint for a 4x4. I would suggest you get another light so you have good coverage over most of the tent.

I’m using about 4x3 of the 4x6 area I have available in my flower room and it takes 2 lights to cover the area well. Light intensity will be a major factor in getting a good yield. I don’t scrog myself but it is the way to go for high yields @T80gray


Hey my light is a crx sunny 1800watt cob Led, I didn’t know what light to get, and in order to get decent yield I read you need At least 600w of light so I thought ok 1800w is more than enough, now it depends on how much it draws from the wall, mine is drawing 300-320w, I don’t know if that is good or bad lol

For being labeled as an 1800 that’s not such a good ratio a god 1000 is above 650 at the wall I believe @dbrn32 correct me if I’m wrong but that’s about 1/6 the label I wonder how they get those outrageous numbers when there so far off from actuality with those numbers that are so far off from the labeled value what are those numbers actually representing is that what they replaced in theory or what

They’re all different. When I say 600 watts, I usually mean 600 watts. And it’s usually a good idea to remember that a watt is unit of energy too, and doesn’t make an exact statement of light output.

I would utilize all techniques. On one plant if mine I top my plants at 5 nodes and again at five nodes on the branches , I low stress train daily , twisting and bending branches away from the light so the branches on the nodes under the top grow creating 3 -5 topped heads. It takes lots of work and like from a young plant but if you top and micro top as well as low stress train daily and supercrop , have adequate lighting and veg longer you can get 1pounders. Grow big or grow home. I can tell you this , for every two weeks uou keave your plant in veg , you will double your yield if you properly train . Happy growing