Plant Yellowing

First time grower. 2 of my plants leaves started to yellow yesterday.
Little help would be great

If you fill out a support ticket it’ll help the community know what’s going on with your grow. :+1:

Canuk Seeds - Granddaddy Black Fem

Greenworl VPW420 Grow media in pots

Unsure of pH level

Nutrient level: FloraMicro 1/4tsp, FloraGro 1/8tsp, FloraBloom 1/8tsp all in 3.79 liters of water.

Indoor right now till warmer weather. Single CFL plus sunlight

Temps: 21 degrees celcius

Looks hungry. But without being able to check your ph levels, I’d say that’s probably the culprit.

You need to keep a close eye on the ph 6.5 good air circulation and fresh air going in the tent. I wouldn’t use any nutes at this early stage. I’m a beginner too but there is always good advice available on here

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Ph is the first thing you should nail down.


I agree with @Unkindtay the GH Flora is formulated to produce pH 5.8 and at this pH would lock out many of the nutrients required in soil.

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Their website says it’s a soiless mix. Your plants may actually do better closer to 6.0, depending what the base material is. It says they add vermiculite and fertilizer, but not much more information on the site. Might be more on the bag.

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I’m going to guess ph may be culprit too. Do you have tools to check ph in vs out?

It’s looking like what everyone was saying is correct. It’s a pH issue with my water. Adjusted and hopefully am able to save a few plants. Thanks everyone for their input.

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