Plant troubles please help

hi ive done few post on these seed they are the worse ive ever done kings kush i had to flip to flower as they been in vig 8 to 9 weeks and not grown more than 10 inches now am getting the plant looking like this i have done everything flushed with ph water about 3 time dryed out

they are not over waterd they have had just under 1 liter each thursday night 30 june on my dripper system

my set is good 3 600 watt hps with digital ballast

8 inch in take out take sms fan controller with prob on for temps

temps dont go past 27 and 20 when light off
humidty 66 to 72

canna a canna b root excel and superthrive ph of 6.2 to 6.3 (there is no nitrogen in tank so its not nitro

No nitrogen hmmm I’m not sure I’m sure someone will be along soon

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@Jbum can you post that thing here to it might help

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Here ya go


Looks kinda like the zinc but let get more ppl here
@garrigan62 @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @imSICKkid

this why i love this place these are my plants thank use all so much i really need help on these girls never come across anything like it use guy are amazing people

They will get you squared away

i had to flip these girls on thursday they been in veg 9 weeks and just would not grow they are king kush by green house seeds if yous need more info

They look severely underwatered. I would get your watering/feeding down or else you’ll continue to struggle. You should be watering to runoff now every time and then let the medium dry and most the way and then repeat.


underwater u think so water to run all time now u think


Yeah. When you don’t water to runoff once the roots are established you get built up salts and your ph can get out of range. You want to flush the excess salt build up out of your medium when you supply fresh nutrients.

i thought that people on another post telling me there over watered i was thinking salt and nutes build up there in 15 liter pots in coco so how often should i water thanks man how long you been growing should this fix the problem

What media are you running? Straight coco? If so then a different watering scheme is necessary and @MattyBear called it well: if you are in coco then you should be watering every other day. Water to runoff each time and feed in between. Water/feed/water/feed etc. Cal mag on watering day. PH is too high: should be 5.5 to 5.8 in coco. Looks like some heat stress too.

What TDS is your nutrient solution when you feed? How often do you feed?

This is assuming coco.


i was told to feed then let dry out i knew this was wrong i read salts build up in coco

yes i am using just coco so i dont get water then feed what do use mean by this

do u mean water with ph water with calmag then feed so one day water next day feed i have just switch then to 12 12 the temps in my room are 26 to 27 lights on and 20 lights of

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so can you give me a plan to use ill start it tonight please please help

in 15 liter pots
[Canna Coco Professional Plus

so what should i do people i want to get on this right away any advice on

a feed program please

I am in coco and I do feed, feed, water with cal mag and repeat. That’s just how I am doing it. My plants seem to like it this way so until they show different I am gonna stick with this routine.

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so should i feed these now till 20% run off then tomoz water with calmag till run off then feed ex should i do this

My feeds/water (not every day) are averaging every three days. When my pots feel light I know it’s time. But like I said mine are every three days. Right now but I’m sure that will change when they get bigger