Plant training/ feeding advice


So i got two White Widows growing here, one is in soil and the other a make shift ebb and flow.

The PPM in Ebb and flow is around 750 right now, the plant is responding well to the stronger solution, should i keep strengthening the solution? I am planning to hit around a 1000 PPM. And should i add only the nitrogen and calcium or increase the strength with a balanced blend of nutrients. IDK if the plant wants more of the other nutrients right now.
( I started off with about 15grams of Master Blend tomato grow, 15 grams of Calcium Nitrate and 5 grams of Magnesium Sulphate in a 24 Liter solution. Next day i Added 5g of Calcium Nitrate and im planning to add more of CN till i hit a 1000 PPM). The plant isn’t even drinking much water idk why.

I need some advice on how to start training my plants, should i start right away, or keep topping till i reach desired number of branches and then prune them down below (like lolipopping).

And another question is the one growing in soil i want to feed some more nutes, but the soil is too moist right now and i don’t want to suffocate the roots, what should i do? (I’m bottom watering this plant). Comparing with the one in ebb and flow this one is definitely wanting more nutrients.