Plant seems healthy but not growing

I have one plant stared from a clone that seems healthy but will not grow I have transplanted into my raised garden from container plenty of light all my other plants are growing fine same things done besides putting in granden before was not growing can’t figure out the problem below is a picture posted please help I have posted pictures of my other plants

Probably just stretching it’s legs first


It’s been like 30 give or take

39 days does seem like a while, but It doesn’t look unhealthy. I agree with hornhead, probably just stretching it’s roots.
Some plants just take forever to get going.

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Hopefully thank you for the input everyone much appreciated. Just let nature take its course I guess thanks again

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I have a Girl Scout Cookie Auto that stayed small forever, then overnight it shot up past her older sisters.

She is at week 11, seems like she only “grew” in the last 5 weeks


That’s pretty awesome man, but in my case I decided on a whim to uproot it just to see what was going on and I had no small roots just one main scraggly looking root. So I’m thinking she’s a lost cause so out of desperation to get the thing to grow cuz at this point I’m not too concerned about it anymore I just tried this thinking it might work or might not work but I cut the the stem for cloning use a rooting hormone and then I took the one root it had I get the end of that in my rooting hormone powder put those in a greenhouse kit that I have both in separate containers so I will see if I can get the one part 2 clone and maybe see if I can get that main root I cut off to do something as well. I have three other clones going right now in the greenhouse seems to be doing good another week or so I’m going to transplant but with the small plant that you guys have the picture up on here I’m just trying for anything now might work might not work some people might say that was not smart to do but at this point it’s really what else could go wrong with it I have other plans going fine no problems so I’m not too concerned about it I’m just gonna see what happens I guess, I’ll keep you posted, yeah that’s awesome about your girl Scout cookie plant I tried some of that pretty good stuff thanks for the reply I appreciate it but if I get those plants to do anything I will post on here again and keep everybody up to date. Thanks again everyone for the tips and the replys appreciate it