Plant help having issues with plant.i dont understand weed lol

Started out really good but now severe issue

It needs repotted at the very least.


Good evening!! Are you in the solo cup challenge?


Yes i am

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Is it just root bound? Overwatered underwatered?

Looks like it’s root bound and is flowering early from the stress. Your soil is probably completely depleted of any nutes from the stretch even though a small one. A re-pot would help with both to finish up. You won’t get much but a lesson learned.

I’m guessing this is an auto

Looks like it could be a couple things.

The leaves flipping up…. Are they super brittle? Or soft like leaves usually are?

I ask cuz it looks like what happens after a mag deficiency drains the juice from a leaf. Leaves basically dont do that normally.

Also those specs in the leaf. Here.

And these look more uniform but eerily similar

Am I seeing something or is that just the flash? Like boxing inside the veins? If so Mag deficiency for sure.

Which leads back to the multiple things…

Either pH is off and locking it out. What and how are you feeding her?

Or she just wants more magnesium… epsom salt for the win.

If im just seeing something ignore that half a book post I wrote LOL

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No it could be mag def i did flush her i could of flushed to much. And yes its brittle it like crisp. The plant started fantastic u til after i flushed her and i use super soil

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Flushing super soils never works out the best. U cant control what comes out and what stays… and u usually lose the microbial helpers they’ve accumulated from ‘baking’/breaking down over time


Oof my bad thank you for you help.

You need to transplant ur plant it needs more room for root growth u may need to use some cal/mag it looks like a calcium def

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I still kinda feel like im seeing things. Can you get another pic?

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