Plant grown 4 inches straight up

Hi all
this is mt first ever plant
so far it has grow 4 inches but only first set of leaves
looks more like a daisy with no head
any advice would be really appreciated

  • What strain, Badazz OG cheese
  • Method: Organic soil,
  • Vessels: Pots,
  • PH of Water, 6.2
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution none yet
  • Indoor grow
  • Light system 600w led
  • Temps; Day, 22-23 Night 20-21
  • Humidity; Day, Night unknown yet
  • Ventilation system; not yet but good air flow in room
  • De-humidifier,not used yet
  • Co2; No

Sounds like the lights to far away causing stretch. Bring the light closer and make sure a fan is giving it a little russle/breeze to keep it strong.
You say 600w led but sounds like it may be a amazon light? So more like 150w or 200w what’s the actual light brand, model etc

I highly recommend Jorge Cervantes Encyclopedia of growing. Post some pics haha! If you have a little humidifier the little plants like it humid. Also 600 LED is decent but I prefer more light

I agree bring your light 1 foot away

Be careful, 600w tells you nothing, as you don’t know how efficient the chips are so what their output per Wattage is, what spectrum it is, what temperature, how much radiation etc.

You can’t just say a distance lighting doesn’t work like that, @Shyguy420.
Let the OP reply and watch my advice and you may learn how to go about this a bit more refined rather than a random Geuss.


it doesn’t have a name
it was given to me, I thought it would be crap
I will buy a new one from the hydro shop near me tomorrow

Don’t just go buy a random light from your hydro shop, save yourself the hassle and money…

One thing at a time. It must have a making on it, take some pictures. Look at every piece of the light it must have a code on it somewhere.

If your going to buy a light and are in a rush something like spidar farm would be ideal. They are not the best but decent and easily available.
It’s best to build your own or have a company like kingbright send you one from China directly but the best bang for your buck you will find around that’s easy to order and cheap is spider farm.


there is no labels or anything on it
I have just spoken to person who gave me it and he said it came from
so it came from china and probably not even a grow light just red and blue led,s

@Nicky trust me 600w LED is fine to put 1 ft from a baby seedling.

Nevermind :roll_eyes:… I’ll share my experience and knowledge with those that care to learn


@Nicky what would happen?

@EL seriously tho man post some pics. You’ll get better advice

I care to learn Think El cares to learn too

LEDs are sick these days bro. They are relatively cool so you can get close to the plant without burning it. 600w is kinda small but honestly it should be fine for a little seedling. Do some research and shop around for a light you like for when it gets bigger. My buddy has a 1200w that does very well. For now you should get it ventilated because plants love fresh air.

thx Nicky
I will check kingbright now

thx Shyguy420
I am working on ventilation as we speak
didn’t think the seed would come up that quick
the ducting and fan are coming tomorrow

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Kingbright is available through alibaba but its a direct line to them it takes a bit to ship but totally worth the wait even if you don’t get it until 3 weeks post order.

@Shyguy420 yes LED’s are good these days, the produce better results for a larger up front cost but a lower cost over time.
I have 3 top end boars myself, two from kingbright one from hlg.

@EL you want a 3500k light with the 660 reds, the wattage/size would depend on how many plants/tents you want.
I run two 280w boards in my 3x4x5 and run two plants in there.


If I put my 260 at 10" I would have a friend plant.

Best to learn from @Nicky and ignore those other posts.


Thanks @BetrayedSoul

Yeah if I ran my 420w at 10" and full blast I think my nodes would be so close together even if it didn’t fry the plant, healthy node spacing is ideal even if you don’t light burn the plant.

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Seems like an interesting post, people advising on led lights without any idea of the brand or actual wattage draw. Just FYI @Nicky knows what he is doing. @EL you listen to Nicky you will do fine.