Plant grew 15 cm tall and turned to head

A question of a fellow grower:
I live in sunny Queensland Australia. I got some gem seeds purple hush from you and planted them start of spring which is sep 1 here in Aussie. They grew 15 cm tall and turned to head??? And do not look like re vegetating. So I have 6 ( 4 didn’t germinate) tiny little heading plants coming into summer! Will they re vegetate and grow more??

Grown in 11 hrs outdoor sunlight, 28-31” temperature atm, as summer comes that will increase as will daylight hours. My soul is a compost nutrient soil, with plenty of worms, bio char ect that I’ve prepped all winter. I have other seeds local seeds planted the same time that are just vegetating as normal in the same conditions?? So just wondering why these would turn to flowering so quickly when they are supposed up to 21 ounces outdoor?

If u didn’t flip your lights my guess would b u somehow got autoflower seeds. Can u double check that’s not the case?

Edit. 11 hours of light will start flower as soon as it’s mature enough. If u start giving her 14+ hours yes it will reveg.

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