Plant formed seed pods after two weeks

Question from a fellow grower!

I have a plant that I have put into flowering and after two weeks it has formed some seed pods! Not in bunches but two pods with one seed in each. I’m have sent pictures. I don’t believe it has turned male, but very concerned about seeds! I am a small commercial grower!

Well it was somehow exposed to a male. Might have happened before you put her into flower (right after she showed her sex). Would explain the seed being mature (looks like it anyways)…

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Maybe, but most likely you have a slightly hermed plant in the mix. Any male sacs on the plant in question? I see it often in skunk #1 they will throw one male branch that foxtails out of a bud usually mid ways through the bud cycle. Genetics


Yeah either a male or hermie around, time to check all the plants closely.


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Turn the purple off and take some pics under regular light

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