Plant first aid

I accidentally split a stem while stressing it. Split is all the way through the inner core. Plant is about 4 weeks old, growth seems stunted but plant is otherwise apparently healthy. What should I do to get nutrient flow back and prevent infection? Can the stalk still be split again intentionally during budding or is that too risky?

Aloe or honey is all you need. May want to wrap something around it. Looks like it is supporting itself. :v:


@repins12 has you covered. If remembering correctly respin12 had one, that stalk completely split open and healed up with a hole right in middle of stalk.


Can I split again during flowering?

Yeah its strong. Its just super slow growing right now

Are you asking if you should.

Yeah. Split at the end of flowering

I’ve seen people talk about it. Actually drilled holes through stalks on recent grow. Can’t say it helped, but didn’t hurt either.


Tape it up she’ll shoot hormones to the injuries area and be stronger there than the surrounding stem. You’ll be fine. They’re tough buggers


Agree natural honey or aloe will help it heal. I would get something to use as splint and loosely connect it with a couple of cable ties or something for a little bit. Once she makes full recovery you could probably remove.