Planned Pollenation

I have 8 mixed Autoflower plants for seed production. My nutrient regiment is Vegitation weeks 1+2, 3+4 and 5+6 and bloom weeks 1+2, 3+4, and 5+6 followed by Final Phase. The plants are 5 weeks into germintion with 3 known males.

This morning the males were coated with yellow dust and shaken. A plume filled the chamber before being filtered out. I am still on Vegitation nutrient weeks 3+4. Should I switch over to bloom nutrients?

Sunday morning plant sex. “The ROOT to life”

Do your females have flowers yet? They look pretty small for being pollinated.

Thank for the response Latewood!
2 of the 5 females show a single flower developing. The others show only hairs developing. They have been grown under (200 watt x 4) 6500K CFLS lights. What lighting works best to have both sexes mature together? Should I change to bloom nutrient recipes now?

I guess you are good to go, then.

Lighting sounds pretty good. Off the top of my head; I believe you are running the red spectrum cfl’s. Perhaps adding or replacing 2 of them with the Blue spectrum; Or vice~versa :slight_smile:

Many growers like to run both different lamps for a full spectrum grow.

6500k is slightly blue shifted, 5000K to 5500k is considered kinda right in the middle, very balanced, and 2700k is red shifted. Those are some of the most common numbers, I’ve seen 3000 and 3500k as well. Pretty much anything above 5000k to 5500k is blue shifted spectrum light and below is red shifted. Yes, in flower, using florescents, in general more 6500Ks are used in veg and more 2700Ks are used during bloom/flower.

Thanks MacG! So; It was vice~versa :smiley: 2700 is the other value

Thanks Guys! What I believe to be (5) pollinated Autoflower females and the males discarded, can the females be moved into the same chamber with 5 week old White Widows safely without pollenation. It would be nice to have the plants in the same chamber to take one down for upgrade and to get some more growth as the plants are very young. Also, should I convert to bloom nutrients???

Without (I think like Latewood once said something like this) totally wiping down the entire area with maybe a mild bleach solution or some other safe cleaner, pollen could be lingering anywhere and you may get some cross pollination. Worst case scenario you have some extra seeds that you didn’t count on.

I would not put the plants in the same chamber, unless you do not care if you pollinate the WW’s. Yes; In that case you may end up with a few “bonus” seeds, but when a plant is producing seeds; This takes away fro the resin production of the females.

This is 1 of 5 pollinated Autoflower from the $95.00/(10) seeds. First 2 plants harvested produced 105 seeds. This all from 9 week old plants. OK smoke all in all for pollinated plants. Nice investment. The seed where sold as simply mixed autoflower seeds. What do I call the strain?

I think you answered your own question :wink:

I started some of the new seeds germinating and am waiting for sprouts. When I harvested the seeds I let them air dry for 2 hours prior to storing. Very sticky work. Is there something I should do / have done for longectivity of the seeds.

I put mine in the fridge in plastic, inside a plastic recipe box :slight_smile:

Can’t get the seeds to germinate. They appear viable, healthy, tiger stripped. Tried my norm Viagrow Super plugs and nothing. Tried water soak for 12hours and soil planted and nothing. I’m going to try the paper towel next to get a better view. Are seeds premature? Still have 3 plants left flowering, some with seed. What to do?

I don’t harvest seeds until after the curing process. Seeds taken off the plant while flowering would be immature in my estimation.