Pistols and trichomes! Now?


Funnier if you look it up

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usb microscope

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The thing is like $1,400

their website has them for $149.00

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149 yes !I hope it works good.cant see as good as I used to!lol!

new microscope!what do you think?ready?


hi all. I hope I can jump in here and have you see if my girls are close.

weather is partly cloudy with a chance of a high!

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Reminds me of 'the Hippy- Dippy Weatherman" dig deep in those brain cells to get that one!

@Mesaman @Lacewing @BigItch
Should these keep going , I still have few white hairs, but don’t want to overdo or underdo.

other pics are above

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IMO… not ready . I like to see between 30-40% ember before I pull. I guess it just really depends on how you like your smoke. I like a couch lock high. 6 weeks in flower on a sativa would be crazy fast… I have seen other growers hit almost the 3 month mark. If I was to guess you have about another 30 days to go.
Don’t hurry …trimming takes FOREVER :infinity: I do it in runs because it seriously takes me like 5hrs a plant. I also trim a 2nd time before cure to get perfect looking buds. So much unwanted work :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Man they look absolutely gorgeous first off …
And thanks for tagging me …

I see more amber on the sugar leaves than the calyx and those trichomes lie !!! Lol
I am also trying to not over do it because I want my setiva to act like one and NOT give me couch lock lol
I would let her go a bit more and keep your eyes on the trichomes

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@Lacewing @BigItch thank you so much for the help. I do not want a couch sleeper either.

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love George.

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They look great man, but they are going to get way bigger and fatter. Im on my 1st grow and I thought the same thing when I was at that stage, but everyone on here is great and lead me in the right direction now my buds are way bigger and super dense. So I’d say u have little ways to go, but then again im a rookie.

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thanks!i really am just excited to share my pictures but also good to get some feedback.40 degrees here this morning so im gonna go til next weekend i believe.