Photoperiod Gelato plants are stretching with popcorn buds-indoor grow

From a fellow grower: My Gelato plants are lanky with extremely sparse colas, actually there were no colas on the plants, just small clusters of buds several inches apart from the next cluster. I’m using a Spyder Farmer SP 2000 LED grow light with the rheostat cranked up to max once the buds started forming.

I use Fox Farms Happy Frog soil and Fox Farms Grow Big fertilizer. Water is pH checked between 6.3 to 6.8 each time I water the plants, EC measurement averages 2.5-2.8. I use a Blue Labs pH tester that I keep calibrated properly.

I use Fox Farms Tiger Bloom during flowering.


The plant looks healthy, albeit stretched, which is usually insufficient light, but could be genetics.

I think she will develop some good colas and buds. She has weeks to go.


Plants do look healthy. Wondering at what height and intensity the light was during the entire grow and if that could have added to the stretch.

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Before and after , how buds develop


Very pretty… thanks for posting