Photontek x 600w Pro

Hopefully this helps someone, and they do not have to go through as much problems as me. I have been fighting my plants for a while now wondering my issues and I think I finally found the problem.

I am running a Photontek x 600w Pro in a 4 x 4 tent. I just bought this light and never had issues like this, but all the YouTube videos do not tell you that you need to supplement co2 in a 4x4 tent using 600w pro. They do with 1000w its clearly stated. I finally quit being stupid and found the calculator on the website where it tells me I do need to supplement co2 in that size of tent using the 600w pro. Here is the link and I am only posting this because I could not find any threads about it.

By the way my plants kept looking like they were starving or choked out kind of look. I bought co2 exhale bags hoping this helps me out but waiting for them to be delivered. While I am waiting on the co2 bags I have ran ducting into my tent with an inline fan from the middle of my basement into my grow tent I have no idea if this will help.

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CO2 is never “required.” CO2 requires specific environmental conditions to be useful to the plant. A ton of light is among the requirements, but the requirements for the plant to use CO2 also include the ability to push high nutrient levels (hydro is best,) a closed environment, and the ability to push oxygen to the roots (roots need O.)

In short, you need a fairly sophisticated environment for the plant to use excess CO2, and most hobby growers are incapable of maintaining those conditions without learning a whole lot about it and spending a whole lot of money.


I found the 600’s PPFD maps

At 12" over 4ft the avg PPFD is 909. This results in DLI over 12 hours of 39+ and for 18 hours 59.

It looks like 18 - 20" would be the right height.


These are also a waste of money and do nothing for your grow. Adequate airflow with complete air exchange every 2 minutes will do fine.


Thank you. I didn’t think I would need co2 when I bought it. I only came to this conclusion because of the website. I had another tent next to mine at one time with mars hydros lights. I don’t know what specific model but they were not very powerful, but we had same soil we both had only difference were our lights, and that tent was not having this issue

I managed to get bud on my last grow but was pretty sorry to be honest and I am just stuck hitting a brick wall only thing I can come up with. Now I am starting whole new grow and having same problems off the jump and its always my best plants that start first.

I would like to think its a nute problem or watering problem but I’m pretty confident its not overwatering or underwatering and I’m using Ocean Forest for medium. Idk. I have come to this website to get help lol.


well that was a waste of 25 dollars lol.

So, I wouldn’t want constant air flow into my tent? Put the flow on a timer?

You do want constant airflow if possible. I use an AC Infinity 6" and regulate temp/humidity with that fan’s controller. It provides plenty of air exchange.


Where should i upload photo for help?

I run the 600w pro and i dont use co2

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Here this might give you more info

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