pH while flushing

Good day all. I have a quick question for you. When I flush my plants, DWC, using FloraKleen, should I be concerned I can’t raise the pH above 3.5? Or is this the cleaner working?


hey Jimwantstogrow I didn’t know they made such a product…so no advice to give you except to search their site for info on it…but my gut tells me a flushing agent should be neutral…maybe your reading is off because of the type of solution it is like ph reading of distilled water is hard to get

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Run the Florakleen without adjusting then run either purified water or PH’d tap.

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Thank you very much. I’ll check the site as well.

You know, my pH meter may have sh!t the bed. I’m getting weird readings everywhere.

I ordered a new one, same day delivery. Thank Goodness for Amazon!

What a lot of growers don’t know is the PH meter requires some care and maintenance. It has to be stored in either storage solution or 4.01 PH calibration solution. This keeps the glass bulb damp: if it dries out it will crack and never read accurately again.


I just had to replace the sensor on my APERA ph meter, They wear out after about 18 months, 39.00 on amazon.

No sh!t. That’s prolly what happened to mine then. I’d finish with it, sling dry it and set it on the shelf.

Crap, just like I did the new one. Damn, brb


For an update. I bought a new pH meter and mine had been far enough off it was effecting some up take.

I’ve got pH back under control with the new and calibrated meter.

So you put the meter tip down in the solution in a glass, covering the probing end by say, 1 inch of solution, and leave it there until the next time you use it?

Almost all PH meters have a sealed cap: put a small amount of storage solution in the cap, then store it probe down.

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That’s good information to know, thank you for the info. Had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have had to order a new one Wednesday!


It’s happened to most of us. That information is kinda lacking with a lot of these meters.

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I checked the instructions on the one I have…nope. It only says “replace cap after each use” :man_facepalming:.


The new one has a sponge in the cap and recommends keeping the sponge moist.

Nice. Too bad the other one didn’t have that.

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