pH versus parts per million going in and out plants looking good. Just checking to see if him ain't give me some info. Thanks for your help

pH. 6.8. PPM going in 213 PPM coming out after ronoff is 1930 how to get that down? Just checking. Still a newbie plants look great

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Work on it . Thanks for responding

What kind of soil and how far along? Some soils, such as Fox Farm Ocean Forest, can hold nutrients up to 6 weeks.


The PPM reading says there is some food in the medium still. In soil i wait till it gets down to under 1000 PPMS then start to feed around 1000 PPMS of neuts.


I was kind of figuring too much going to do RO tomorrow. See how that works. Check it after that. Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it

Fox farm. So yes it hasn’t been long enough. I reckon still a newbie

If it FF ocean it usually good for 6+weeks before you need to feed. Just keep reading PPMS till it gets under 1000 and then starting feeding to keep her around the 1000 range. Just make real sure to keep up on Ph in and out as well.

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It’s fox farm happy frog with mix fram Coco.

The happy frog is less “hot” than the Ocean Forest from what i have heard. The coco is out of my knowledge base. In other words i don’t know xxxx about coco.

PPM going in of 213 is nothing unless it is very young. But, because you are in FF HF with coco with 1930 runoff, I’d go straight water. Medium does not need to be supplemented right now.

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Thanks for your input. Girls looking good put in bigger pots today. Never transferred before I hope it works. Was in 1 gal now in 4.5 gal