pH / EC controller

I’ve had a pH controller (w/ peristaltic pump) for a while, but now have transitioned to Jack’s and I’ve been paying more attention to EC.

Browsing through Alibaba, I found a pH/EC controller that looks something like this:

I think it works just like a pH controller - when pH or EC goes above/below the limits set, it turns the relay on (connected to a pump, which adds stuff to adjust the parameter).

They’ll sell just one, but shipping is prohibitive on just one. Anyone interested in one of these? I’m thinking I’d connect the EC relay to two pumps, one for Jacks Part A + Epson, one for Jacks Part B (and place the outputs of the pumps in different parts of the reservoir). For pH I’d continue pumping 10% dilutions of pH Up/Down.


I guess I should hint that it’ll be significantly less expensive than buying in the US (vs. comparable devices)

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i would be down!!!

I’ve asked for a quote qty=2, anyone else want in?