Perpetual Harvest / Grow Set Up

Also something else to think about is where to properly dry your harvest…something often overlooked… @CosmicFire


Good luck then 3 pounds from an indoor grow is quite a bit harder to achieve. However as youre willing to throw money at it you should be fine.

Sun and humidity still play a part for indoor grows. Especially humidity.
Reason being the sun made my cabin 118F. That’s too hot for an indoor grow. It would immediately require fans for cooling.

Humidity matters most imho. If you have to contend with single digit humidity levels like I do it causes a big headache during harvest time. If you have high humidity your entire batch can mold after you grew it.
Also wind matters. Doing an indoor grow means you won’t have it and plants do need wind as well. It helps strengthen their limbs so when your plant get a fat it won’t break itself.

All those factors DO matter for both grows which is why I specifically said they matter for indoor and outdoor.

Indoor is nice but just realize you’re now going to have to actually be god to your plants. Provide light water food soil wind darkness and protection in exact quantities at correct times.

May the forum be with you :wink:


fans and ac in the hot and heat in the winter to maintain 75 degrees… Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Intake and exhaust fans and carbon filters (don’t want all your clothes smelling like MJ)

I was thinking on the scale you were talking about @CosmicFire that due to height of lights because of different strains and it is easier to clean an freshen a tent for the next round if it is empty. if you empty a tent every month you can clean it and in two months harvest from it. Easier to track the stages of development as well. Plus I doubt you could harvest 3 pounds a month or anywhere near that with only one flower tent (Unless that baby if huge!)

Let’s be straight. Start smaller and get one grow under your belt and then you will have a much better understanding of the work required to pull this off! Buy everything with expansion in mind! Don’t think pound per harvest but quality per harvest. Harvest good quality MJ and then you can concentrate on expansion. I use a lot less of my high quality homegrown than I do of the street weed I used to buy!

interesting discussion guys!


@dbrn32 As always thank you for your input it is treasured wisdom! I just wanted to clarify about the two flowering tent. I think that one larger tent for clones and veg makes more sense and two ‘smaller’ tents for flowering.

As far as scaling down or up I get what you are saying. I like the challenge of the larger scale grow. I may not incorporate all three strains my first grow. I may only grow an indica and a sativa to gain experience with multiple strains and then incorporate the hybrid on my second grow.

As far as any ‘negativity’ don’t worry about it. I didn’t see anything as negative. I welcome reality checks as well. I can already see myself getting swept away. It is appreciated. Thank you.

As far as the size of this operation I totally welcome the reality of it. I should mention that I won’t be working alone. I will have two other patient who will be sharing the load.

Now taking space into consideration; I haven’t worked out all the kinks. That is sort of what this thread is for. To work some of this out. I will continue to do research and plan.

I would like to start off at a larger scale. I know I probably wont achieve my goals my first grow. Three pounds is a large grow for a newbie. I do want to be comfortable with that size for when I do implement three strains. I am starting to understand that it will be a building process. The main reason I want to start and the scale I want to eventually reach is so that I don’t have to up scale on any equipment like tents etc.

You guys are really appreciated! The wisdom and experience has been pointing me in the right direction to research and learn for myself. It is truly a blessing.

@WillyJ My plan is to start large and perfect the process and tweak it for three strains and then implement a perpetual grow cycle. My goal is never to have to repurchase larger scale items that I don’t need to twice. Thank you for that little gem.

@Myfriendis410 I value them very much! I will most definitely utilize their wisdom knowledge and experience. Thank you.

I understood what they meant by the strains ripening at different rates. I am still working on the grow schedule as well as the scale of the operation. Having a schedule will allow me to more or less time the staggered grow.

Thank you for sharing your retrospective wisdom.

@WillyJ Great call on the curing process! I might have missed that. I will definitely start doing my research on that as well. I haven’t read anything yet about it so I will have to get back to you. Forgive the ignorance please.

@HighDesertFarmer Once again thank you for the input. As for sun humidity wind etc. I understand that fans are necessary for air circulation as well as structural integrity of the plants themselves. In regards to the humidity level I had in mind to buy and use humidifiers and dehumidifiers. I haven’t yet come up with an equipment list so I am still in the process. I hadn’t mentioned that previously so I appreciate it.

I will be growing in San Diego where all of those factors as they naturally occur are not extreme. I do have in mind to buy equipment to play god so to speak. All of the naturally occurring factors will be fine tuned by the equipment that I choose to use. Thank you for the well wishes!

@bob31 thanks for keeping up the comments! I agree with the equipment you just listed.

I agree with needing two flower tents. I was just making sure I understood what you were suggesting and why.

Quality has always been at the forefront of my mind. I typically use moonrocks to medicate. So I need higher potency than average street weed to use your terms.

I do want to say that I truly appreciate your positivity and how straight forward you are. It is refreshing and encouraging.


You said you plan to start large and tweak the process from there.
I would caution you against this. Both as a fellow newbie grower and as an actual farmer this can equal disaster.

I know you want to jump in with both feet but just take these 2 observations.

1.You mention saving money to get the best. I am assuming that means you ain’t made of it so failure that costs you cash may affect you.

If you go big and this is first grow and you’re going indoor chances are youll experience a kaboom of some sort. How much money and time are wasted if any can vary but just be ready for it.

  1. If you go big for your first time you can’t really fine tune anything. How will you know what went wrong? I started 8 plants for my first grow as a “small test” (compared to planting fields.) I had massive loss due to some really weird issues…and I deal with plants. The unfamiliarity of species means a lot.
    Yes lots of advice here, but some times they don’t ha e right info and may give off advice or are just out at lunch when you need help. Pest issues can become unmanageable with more plants if ignored. Watering and ph issues can drop entire yield, etc.

I ain’t tryin to scare you none just trying to highlight some pitfalls that we all get drawn into :slight_smile:


A proper set up indoor grow is the best way to go you can grow large plants out doors but there are a lot of factors that need to be concerned
Bugs humidity etc all of which you have no control over
Costs are lower outdoors for sure tho
But a perpetual grow is the way to go imo
Have a steady and constant rotation will allow you to have the medicine you need all the time
And if you set you grow up properly which will be a investment but worth every penny imho @CosmicFire


You’re right here about the cleaning, I for one overlooked that. Also about the single tent size, I don’t see a 5x5 as big enough for single flowering. Probably more like 8x4, and having sativa at one end and indica at other using middle section for where you plug in the fresh replacement plants that you are harvesting. Shift middle plants to ends where you can have different light heights, then add new to the middle from veg tent.

Probably a hundred ways you could it and be successful. That doesn’t mean they will they will all be the easiest way to get there lol. I think we can all make this happen though, and should be a lot of fun!


Another factor that points to starting small is quality. My first grows all averaged 1/2 lb per plant but the quality of the cannabis from my most recent grow is head and shoulders better quality. All from the same setup and ingredients.

There’s just no substitute for experience. How do you get the most out of a grow journal? I didn’t use one until the last 2 grows and what a valuable tool it is!


We all get better with time your correct there @Myfriendis410
Fir sure and @dbrn32 we can definitely make it happen lol


It is a LOT of work @CosmicFire. Satisfying, but a lot of time learning. I wish I had started smaller. I grew 10 plants and it was overwhelming. 3 ended up being runts because of it.

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@HighDesertFarmer Thank you for the words of caution. I love that I have the opportunity to learn from yours, as well as other’s, mistakes. That saves me the trouble of actually having to fail myself.

It is true I am eager to dive right it and get going. However, I am months off from being anywhere near ready. A venture of this magnitude is a life long investment.

My dream is to one day open an apothecary-type store front. I have a passion for herbal remedies and medication. I think that pharmaceuticals are over used when herbal remedies could be utilized with less side effects. The funds that will generated from the excess cannabis from my personal garden will be used to fund this dream. The cost of everything is considered part of my startup costs. Its an investment towards my dreams.

Regarding your first point, no I am not made of money. Even if I was I would not be willing to waste it. Failure in any capacity would absolutely affect me. I am a measure twice cut once type person. I plan to be as thorough in my research as possible. I think with the proper research and the right understanding of how to use my equipment I will be fairly successful. That being said I don’t want to say that I can foresee everything that can go wrong. Things happen that’s true. Costs may hit the checkbook and set me back but this is a life long hobby. If expenses can be avoided I will do my best. If not I will learn from them.

In regards to your second point; there is tons of room for fine tuning! Literally every aspect of the grow can be fine tuned. Every environmental factor will need to be dialed in to achieve my goals. When failure happens as I am sure it will I will need to isolate the issue research and learn from it. Detailed grow journals and documentation will be necessary as well as constant research and dialogue with veteran growers.

Too true, I am unfamiliar with the cultivation of cannabis. I didn’t mean to suggest that all of the information on these forums are correct. Nor did I mean to imply that I will be relying solely on their input and advice. I value their input as well as yours but I am also doing my own research online as well as talking to experienced growers that I know. None of this is better than actual experience.

I appreciate your input in regards to your failures and would love to hear more details as to why you were not successful. I would like to learn from your failures so I do not repeat the mistake.

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thank you for the encouragement! I couldn’t agree more! The investment is worth it to me.

@dbrn32 I have been reading on some of the forums the great importance of cleanliness in grow sites. My OCD would force me to be meticulous with cleaning so I appreciate this being brought to my attention! You and @bob31 are both right in that regard.

I think that two flowering tents will be necessary to accommodate the three strain types. Thank you for your suggestions.

@Myfriendis410 Quality is my goal in everything that I do. I want my quality to be improving with every grow. I plan on utilizing a grow journal as well as other tools like schedules etc.

@OldSkunk I am super excited about the learning process. I don’t expect as a new grower to be able to jump into a perpetual harvest set up with three strains pulling three pounds a month with 100% success. If that were to happen my first grow I would be a god! HAHA!

Thanks everyone! We can definitely get this done! I appreciate everyone chiming in and leading me in the right direction. The words of encouragement and the cautionary tales are all greatly valued! I can learn from all of you and beef up my knowledge through research based on your suggestions. There is a wealth of knowledge here and I love it!

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You said you got the physical help from your patient’s and you got the mental help here with reading researching which you said you like doing I’d say go for it! I did a lot of researching before I pulled the trigger and went out and dropped the money on building rooms…sounds to me like you’ll be good with the help of the forum…set yourself up good and then do a smaller grow for your first grow so you won’t get overwhelmed and you get past the first learning curve after that bump it up to whatever you feel you can handle… @CosmicFire


@WillyJ Thank you so much! That is amazingly encouraging! That was my plan to have the set up for the operation that I want to have. Launch it with a smaller grow to get the experience that I need. Then expand from there in terms of yield? Forgive the lack of vocabulary.

My concern as of right now is would it be hard on the plants to have such a large grow set up if I only launch with a few plants? I would like to launch my first grow with two strains, a sativa and an indica. Then try my hand at cloning. Granted I don’t have a clue on how to do that. I will research that also. I have a list of topics to research. I add to that list as this thread progresses. I love how informative you all are.

With the first grow I would like to get a taste of what its like to grow as well as what it would be like to clone. For my second grow I would love to gain the experience with what to expect when starting plants from clones I created. I think doing this will give me an idea of what a perpetual harvest would be like. For my third grow I would want to add the hybrid into the mix. See how that goes. Then clone all three strains and go from there for the fourth grow. I think by then I should be comfortable and can start working on perfecting everything.

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I have been at it for a year. Reading your thread puts a grin on my face, just thinking of the journey ahead of ya.



Hi, I’ve read your thread thoroughly and have ascertained that you are quite a bit like myself.

I’m a huge geek concerning research, planning and implementation.

My last grow was in 2001.

My goal is also to have a perpetual grow.

I’ve started with a 5 X 5 tent and six plants.

I’ve been purchasing the best equipment I could afford.
I’m using COB lighting fixtures and am extremely pleased thus far.

Go to my grow journal; “” Please place your seats in the upright position “”.

There you will see a list of what equipment Im using along with photos of my progress.

I feel you and I are closely related concerning this.

Have a great Tuesday and we’ll talk soon.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I have been following @Alton66 topic and he has a lot of great info!


I agree! @CosmicFire you should check out @Alton66 journal. He’s done a Sano job.


Completely agree about 2 flowering tents for perpetual. I also completely agree about not starting this big. I’ve been an avid non-mj gardener for over 35 yrs and I’m SO glad I started with just 4 little autos, 1 of which I lost week 2. It’s a huge learning process. More complex than roses or even orchids. I doubt I’ll ever do more than 4 in a tent, although staggering would be nice, so I may add another tent (or 2 :joy: ). Do a test run with just a few plants and see what you think then.


Although I admire the fire under your seat… you walk a fine line of feeling like it’s a job and alot of work… :wink:
I run a perpetual grow… 3 flower tables and I try to harvest every 3 to 4 weeks depending on strain…
Oh ya , did I say… it’s alot of work… :wink:
3 flower tables = veg area to feed 3 tables every 3 weeks = clone area , able to feed said veg area to feed said flower area… oh ya… did I say it’s alot of work… lol :wink:
Also I should mention that it takes at least 2 years to get a strain into what I would consider production and 3 years to have it be a predictable yield and that doesn’t mention the wrench in the spokes , as far as bugs , light issues , power failures , air conditioning failures and anything in between… it’s definitely a commitment and when you have more than one person trying to deal with your plants , you will find that you run into nothing but problems … :wink:
it’s different if you have one person washing all of the pots and things and taking care of cleaning and you have another person taking care of other things trimming and curing and drying and you have one person that’s designated to growing , because when it comes to growing and you have more than one person tending to the garden , there’s always going to be too many chiefs and not enough Indians and everybody will have their opinion on what’s the better bigger yield and how to go about doing it and what you end up with is nothing but a bunch of dead plants , dead promises , stressed friendships and alot of heartbreak …
good luck fellow cultivator…
just take that into thought… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@CosmicFire I agree with @peachfuzz on to many chefs is a bad thing and that only one person should care for the plants I’ve seen in other grows where two or more people took care of the plants and one would feed and not tell the other etc . Definitely get the jobs broken down and assign different duties to others one must be in charge :+1:
He’s also right about it being a lot of work but the benifits are great :+1:
Good luck. Happy growing :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face: