Par measurements

Hello !

I’m new to the group!
Can someone help me with the following measurements?

If i need 500 ppfd for growing 18/6.

  1. DLI?
  2. PAR SUM mmol/ m2 target for the cultivation ?

Welcome to the forum.

PPFD guidelines:

Seedling: 300 PPFD
Veg: 600
Flower: 800

DLI is calculated using PPFD and lighting duration per day. It can be calculated with the methods in this thread:


@JOSKEP welcome to the family my friend happy growing


Hey bud if you’re running autos…ppfd doesn’t really matter because the amount of light they receive during their lifespan.
Any cheap light with 300+ for running autos is perfect.
Photos are different ESPECIALLY for flower. I agree with the other fella, at LEAST 500 on the edges to flower.
2 lights imo always better than 1.
2 200w will cover more than a single 400w.

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