Painted myself into corner

8 weeks old looking great.2 at 5’ nice and green reaching for the sun. Got a 2 bulb t5 light been taking them outside every day bring em in at night use the light to keep em on a 18 on 6 off schedule. They were getting kinda tall so i topped em. Cloned the tops. Plan was switch em to 12 12 and start em up. And then when they are budding really good leave them outside. Been a week and a half and they started making flowers looking good. still take them in at night keeping em on a 12 12. but soon when they really start making buds am going to be unable to bring em in thru the narrow doorway. So am worried they might revert or stop budding? Days and nights are pretty close to 12 12 but soon days will be getting longer

They are sitting in 2’ deep holes protects airpots from sun and reduces height


That sucks! I know you will get some great advice. What can you take from the inside, to the out?

Yes i can still move em. Till they start producing big sticky buds that i wont be able to get thru my narrow doorway without screwing up the buds. Hoping they will do allright outside last month of flower

Strain is LSD

I would construct or buy a frame to cover the plants, and then use a light-deprivation cloth to shade them out.

You can make a hoop tunnel pretty easily, but they are also affordable. Or you can cobble something together out of plywood and/or 2x lumber. Remember to build larger than you think the plants will get, if you decide to go this route.

Edit: or you can just let them do their thing. They might freak out and show hermaphroditism due to stress, but there’s a good chance they’ll ride the cycle out and complete in September/October.


If they are autos they may stay I flower, if they are photos and you get them into flower and put them outside and days get longer there’s a possibility of them to reverting back to veg till September when hours get short again. I could be wrong, but seen reveg by timer bumped accidentally up two hours lol… good luck

Thks good idea but i think im just going keep on dragging em in and ot till i can’t and ope they keep flowering

Wow. Cool thks

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Odds are the plants will reveg and you will have wasted all of this time. They could hermi as well. I would have advised keeping them going until days get shorter then put em out and I suppose you can still do that but you can’t leave em out.

Also; what kind of light pollution do you have in your area? Streetlights will keep a plant from flowering or will cause to herm after flowering has started.

Build a SCROG frame that will fit through the door which will confine it to a lower height and keep it so it can be carried and brought through a doorway. This is in fact what I’ve done for years.

This is what I use and it’s tied to the fabric pot so one unified structure.

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Not what i wanted to hear. But good advice. Ok so thanks to you guys. I now know once you change to 12 12 u have to remain in control thru the duration of the grow. And after a little thought i realized i have shed on other side of yard ! Was able to make it a dark room, it has large door so can easily move them in and out even with sticky buds. So can remain in control of light period and buds can finish in the sun what looks to be awesome a great crop.