Overdue For harvest time

This beautiful girl is an autoflower named deelite and im in week 16,yes that’s right 16,but the trichomes are still clear not even milky. I turned down the light from 18 hr. To 12 hr i don’t know why but it felt good at the time,i recently went back up to 16. Any coments as to why shes taking so long.

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You were right dropping to 12. Keep it there. She’s foxtailing and that’s why you’re seeing clear. Foxtailing is genetic but can also be caused by too much light late in flower. Drop back to 12 or 10 hours for a week and see how she changes.


Yup, unfortunately, it’s very, very difficult to get a scope to the older buds. The foxtails will just keep coming and that’s all you’ll be able to see. Lights to high will cause as well as genetics (and a few other stressors)

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