Over watered marijuana plant

A question from a fellow grower:

I have question. I over watered my plant and now it looks like it
Drying. How can I revise it. It was approx 5 inches tall.

I’ve overwatered house plants a lot in decades past, and recently I did so I believe several of my plants as well when due my schedule and chronic migraines I just poured water on my plants and checked on them about twelve or fifteen hours later, where they were sitting in water about almost half an inch of water, and a smell of something rotting, probably the roots rotting or the peat moss.

So, along with too much heat, my method for minor problem is taking a butter knife and aerating the soil, more along the outer edge of a smaller style pot this time, with deep open pits exposed to the air with the soil loosely broken up in chunks at the top. Too bad of a problem, the other method would be to remove from plastic pot and letting sit on a saucer or small plate away from bright light. I have an area with on t5 light, I have two plants there in a place I call “marijuana hospital”, only two of my plants suffered heat damage and seeming overwatering, so far they are not getting worse and they are still in their plastic pots, six inch small pots till I deem them recovered. I’ll let them get so light and dry but just before wilting, easier since they aren’t in the other tent environment of more heat, fan air, too intense of light. So far my method of “marijuana hospital” is working, they will be in there till the shoots off the main shaft get bigger. Especially considering one plant has all the signs of overheating, the other one of overwatering, go figure, ha. I believe I may have been engaging in over fertilizing with miracle grow powdered solution as well, all cause I had a week of pain flare up/migraines/other.

Ha, ironically, I damaged one of my larger plants, with over watering, myself, easy to do in tiny enclosed spaces and the fact I transplanted my plants to five gallon buckets. Damage already done, leaves lightened up, dried out leaf ends, all I could do was let it dry out, mybe it will recover, it was good for 8 clones I have started, if it dies, at least I have my clones. Oh, I’m having lots of troubles, I think if I was growing pot outdoors in full view of my neighbors or in a cheap portable greenhouse, then I wouldn’t have very many problems. Light intensity, larger pot, heat, my first grow is anything but fun, at least I have 36 clones started off five plants, I’ll probably get at least twenty survivors of the clones that will start.

Without more info; I can only say Allow it to almost completely dry out, Or;

Repot it in fresh soil and do not over water it. :slight_smile:

I figured out that the overwatering was the problem for sure, I should have drilled additional holes in the sided of the five gallon buckets apart from the ones on the bottom. The plants didn’t have enough roots, and I was sickly with medications in me not thinking, and two of my plants most affected were nearest the tent door, so they got the most water, mainly when I noted the top soil looked dry, every two days, wow, what a mistake, I was not well and medicated, bad sinus from smoking a joint instead of doing some another way. I discovered the soil more than several inches, dug down is very moist, even in 77 to 78 degree environment. I blame my should injury straining from a month and a half ago, and my usual migraine and pain problems flaring up, along with sinus aggravation from smoking a joint rather then turning it into cannabutter or something. Just can’t smoke right now anything without repercussions, each time I did in the last two weeks since I got my medical pot card. Anyway, that is what I did, that my five gallon buckets are almost full with soil with the smaller plants from six inch pots up top. I have several beautiful plants, maybe three of the five, and I have two smaller seedlings I damaged very badly with likely over nuting that are recovering with nice green smaller leaves. I have 38 clones started right now, finally put in clear plastic containers last night with a cloning single four foot t5 lamp over them, since a lot of them are flopped over. I might need to drill aeration holes in the plastic domes, or at the bottom and not at the top. So maybe, I’ll accidently end up with more plants than I really want, oh well, I don’t plan on wasting any useable stems yet. I mean, if I hadn’t hurt myself carrying in wet 3.2 cuft peat squares last month, I’d likely be up to flowering healthy plants right now, but eh, its a learning process, what works and what doesn’t, funny, I know what will not work before I learn for sure it won’t. Like I put in another post, I still believe in the five gallon bucket method, it works for outdoor plants real well, either for starting or maintaining some smaller plants that die for the winter. Because of electricity concerns, I still may end up cloning/young plants growing indoors, larger vegging to flowering in the shed.