Over did nutrients in soil

I’ve been growing forever, and made my first real mistake in a long time. I use dry nutrients, and I guess I must have been heavy handed when I mixed up my soil. Anyhow, it burnt my plant up pretty good in like a matter of a couple days after transplant into final pot. I pulled it out and put it in a smaller pot of straight happy frog. My question is, would you go ahead and remove these damaged leaves at this point? Plants pretty small still, and the leaves still have some life to them. Not sure how long it will take to recover, if it even does.


Overall, plant doesn’t look bad. I would simply remove leaves that are touching medium or if they’ve reached their expiration date lol. You also might want to water to runoff each time while in this container just to forestall any nutrient related issues. Give it a week and if it looks happy: pot it up!


@Dexterado be careful with Happy Frog. I just got a bag in about a month ago. Planted some seedlings and they all fried. Did a soil slurry test with the soil straight out of the bag and the pH was 4.6. So that made me curious about the ocean Forest soil I got in to put the veg plants in and PhD that soil straight out of the bag and it was 5.1. I don’t know if it’s a fluke thing with my two bags of soil or if it’s something new but the pH on both bags are definitely down. Maybe something to check with your soil. Good luck and happy growing

Thanks, my plant’s not doing any better, so that may be something to check. I may try a different brand next time.

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