Outdoor harvest question

From a fellow grower:

I’m a first time, legal grower of three small plants.
One gets almost full day of sun.
Another gets 3/4 sun.
The third gest slightly more than 1/2 day.
All have grown well and look the same…three different strains.

Since I live less than 1/2 mile from the beach, it rarely gets hot here. Bright, clear sky sunny days with off and on overcast, foggy days/nights…meaning chilly.

My plants are in 30 gallon reusable bags with a product called Black Gold as the medium…highly recommended by my local ‘grow shop’.
They were planted fairly late but have done well.
Had a small, isolated infestation of white flies but they were quickly organically eradicated.

During the growing season they received the recommended dose of MaxSea 20-20-20
When the days started noticeably getting shorter I switched to MaxSea 3-16-16
All have strong, healthy buds.

Reading online I see where it’s recommended when nearing harvest time to flush the soil with regular water then no more water/nutrients for the last two weeks. The theory is that putting stress on the plants they get all excited to produce fuller buds/trichomes.
Since we don’t have regular, extensive heat here my concern is the soil will be too wet should I try to flush out the fertilizer residue.
What do you suggest?

Here is a link to some excellent macro/micro photos of buds… http://grow-marijuana.com/harvesting
My trichomes are mostly cloudy.

If I have stopped all water/nutrients do I wait another couple of weeks?..or following the guideline on that web page, should I start harvesting now?

I plan on cutting off each bud one by one leaving the lower, more sheltered buds some more time to mature.

Lately we have been having glorious sunny days. All I can do is hope that holds for a long while.

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UPDATE…I have started watering the plants again. I don’t think it’s a good idea if the leaves droop.
Hairs are just barely turning color.
Very few trichomes have gone amber.
We are still having sun but no heat.
Thanks for any advice.

I don’t stop watering, maybe I’m wrong but this is what I do. I just stop useing nutes About two weeks before I start harvesting. Your hairs will turn red or Amber. But watch the trichomes, there is a few threads here that cover what to look for. I have never seen trichomes that are Amber and the hairs just started turning colors. You might need a stronger magnifieing glass you need about 50 power or higher to really tell.

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As long as you have new white Pistils growing on the top Kolas; The plant is still producing, and is not ready for flush. When Pistils start to deteriorate, then you check the Trichomes for the % of amber y