Outdoor grow soil test

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie grower, though I’ve been gardening for some time. Over the years I’ve found great benefit from using soil tests from my local university Ag extension, not just for veggies, but lawns, trees, food plots etc. The tests provide soil pH as well as nutrient and mineral amendment recommendations.

Has anybody taken advantage of this service for their outdoor grows? The way the tests are formatted from UGA’s extension is you bag a soil sample, and check a box that is similar to what you want to grow (type of grass, species of trees, vegetables plot mixes etc)

I’m planning on trying Blue Dream Autoflowers. My question is to take best advantage of the tests amendment recommendations, is there a good equivalent? Like azaleas, roses, corn sunflowers etc?

From previous soil tests in this area I know my soil is about 5.3 pH, and low in P and K. I would love to know what (and how much) to work into the soil before planting.

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to the community my freind :grin:

So I’ve never used a soil test as i grow inside mostly without soil, when i do use soil its in containers.

I do know its a good idea to get these test and as you said, its easy to do really and extremely helpful information to have. Taking away alot of guess work and troubleshooting through the process…

Other then a friendly welcome the only useful data I have to share is my family growing up used lime to raise ph in the feilds though I’ve no clue how much.

Hemp is pretty much legal to grow alot of places, idk if thats an option to check or not.
This is a guess and they maybe a better option.
But tomatoes like about the same things as cannabis so if nothing better to tic go with tomatoes :man_shrugging:


I use 200 lbs of lime per acre for my food plot, as for growing cannabis I use pots with promix which is appropriately 6.2 out of the bag. So for in ground a test would be helpful for sure.


Thank you for the welcome! Unfortunately, it’s not yet legal here in GA, so there really isn’t a category specifically for it. There is a check for veg. garden, perhaps I’ll check that one.


I understand that :confused:
I’m just a little bit north of you myself, but yeah veggies is probably what I would pick…