Outdoor grow in Winter (Northern California)

For all you growers who wonder what would happen if you don’t do anything. Weed still grows.

As an unplanned experiment, I have one Dream Queen (Green Crack) growing outdoors, in winter, no nutrients, rare watering. This is Northern California, and we have had frost, short days, cold temperatures. This was a “runt” plant that I culled from my grow room because there were too many plants. Rather than cut it up and compost it, I just let it sit on my deck with natural Winter sun.
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I’m also growing Dream Queen in my grow room under lights, nutrients, pH balanced, etc.
The indoor plants are a little taller, bright green, and with bigger buds. The indoor grow is about 2 weeks from harvest, not sure when this outdoor orphan will finish.

The dark color is surprising. I’m also surprised with the plants health, no bugs, no powdery mildew. This has not been given nutrients, pH Up/Down, CalMag, or any sprays. Just a weed in the yard.


That is a beautiful girl…


Amazing :wink: what soil is she growing in


The temperature differences what made the colors come outAbsolutely beautiful keeps us up to date


What is the timing on this plant? Curious about the trigger for transition from veg to flower, assuming this isn’t an auto.

Looks good. Mine are in NorCal, in a tent in a shed. And they needed heat! Very impressive and fun.

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The soil is an organic mix based on ProMix HP (peat) with added bat and chicken manure, worm casings, some Ironite, perlite, etc. See my journal “Northern California, Dream Queen” for the indoor grow specs, and my battle with powdery mildew. @AmnesiaHaze

Temperature range has been maybe 25 to 70 F. Sun is limited to mid day, maybe 6 hours. I don’t know the growing details, this was not expected to live. This started as a clone from a dispensary, not an Auto. This grow is in San Jose, in a tent in a shed. Well, the “tent” has plywood walls, so I call it a grow room. No heat, no de humidifier. I did see some discussion that raising the temperature might inhibit powdery mildew growth. @nostril


Right on @Budlite it is cool to just watch em do their thing


Wow, this stuff is going to be a " bomb" , just wait…

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@Growit Yes, it’s been interesting to watch this one. The large dark fan leaves make it a nice decorative potted plant.

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oh my, this is amazing @Budlite. What fun, just makes me grin. She’s a tough plant for sure. Please keep us up on her progress.

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