Outdoor Grow, Autoflowers in Feb, downunder

Hi all,
This grow season downunder I was going to give it all a miss. I underwent a double knee replacement 29 Nov 21’, so I figured I would be too unable to do a grow.
But, being addicted to growing, 2 wks post surgery im down in my garden(on crutches) mixing grow mixes.
A friend sent me a bag of seeds, unknown other than they came from a retired farmer.
So, I started these in mid December thinking they are photos. To my surprise I have a crop of 17 auto flowers. 4 are JHAF from my last seed order, the other 13 Im calling Xmas Surprise(Christmas surprise). In this collection there are 3 groups germinated at different times, due to my limited mobility.
But, they are all coming along well now. I had to re-pot some early on due to pots having too much compost to soil ratio. As I improved so did my old skills come to my aid. My second group of seedlings grew so quickly(happy plants) they filled up their 200mm(8 inch) pots fast, i needed to water them 2-3 times per day. 3 days ago I potted on 6 af’s into 300mm pots and they were immediately happy having the extra room to spread their roots.
Soo’ happy to show you guys my work so far. They are outdoors fulltime but due to extreme winds today, they are safer inside the greenhouse. I am interested to see what these girls turn into.


Love ur garden @Brandy im also a down under grower heres mine girls


That’s some dedication. Did you use the tip of the crutch as a stir rod? I could totally see myself doing such chores on crutches. I hope you had time for a smoke break.:blush:

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Is that bottle in the upper back corner a co2 generator? Sugar n yeast? Or is it just a mixing bottle to pour from? Just curious…

Yah its a CO2 i make my self it yeast and sugar with tomato

I am also an an outdoor grower in Oz and I have three in the vegie patch just behind the tomatoes :rofl::rofl::rofl:…and they sure do love the great Aussie sun


I was literally just about to tag u :joy: @Lethal

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