Outdoor grow, 1st grow, need help, many questions

I got the haze pack from ilgm. It’s regular 5x purple haze, 5x blue haze, 5x silver haze. First of, I used distilled bottle water in cleaned jars for germinating. All 5 purple popped, 2 blue popped, and 0 silver popped :frowning:. They been in dark cabinet around mid 70s temperature, for about 72 hours now. The ones that popped I took out and planted. I planted in 3 gallon hard plastic pots, my medium is a 50-50 mix of garden soil/composted humus+manure. I put light layer of straw over soil so the sun doesn’t dry it out. I’m in Michigan upper peninsula and I just planted seeds that popped yesterday June 4, outside.

Is there anything I can try to get rest of seeds to pop before contacting ilgm for replacements?

I believe I’m pretty late on starting sativa seeds outside for my location?

If I am to late, I read that by restricting pot size will cause the plant to flower earlier? I understand it will make plants smaller also…

I do have a indoor 5x5x8h grow tent with 2x 1k watt led grow lights, if I can fit plants in there, could I finish flowering inside, after they veg outside?

These are northern lights 2 months old planted in the ground
I use FFOF soil and uncle Jim’s worm castings, I dig holes 24x24 and fill. I started plants inside for 1 month till 6” tall then outside for a month so far
My point is you should have plenty of time outside
You need as many hours of sun as possible for your grow site

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U tube kis organics by Tad Hussey cannibas cultivation and science. He’s done about 70 over hour podcasts. You’ll know everything you’ll need to know. Organic is the only way