Outdoor Auto Mix Pack - first grow in the Mid Atlantic

This is my first grow - I have a ILGM Northern Lights, Blueberry and Amnesia. I have two photoperiod Blue Dreams inside (not in this journal).

May 28 dropped all three AFs in water, they all sank within 6 hours and were sprouted in a day in paper towels. I put them outside right away on my semi covered porch.

Coco with Perlite, about 70/30
Advanced Nutrients Ph perfect (will be switching to Sensi Coco)
5 gallon smart pots

Mid Atlantic Climate: $hite. It was nice when I first put them out, 70’s, but quickly got rainy and cloudy and now we’re heading up to high heat and humidity which is typical for the area.

Week 1 from germination: May 30 - all three poked through. The Nothern Lights has three leaves! Sprayed with neem. They are really stretchy- it’s been cloudy.


Week 2 from germination

June 8th- got their first taste of the yard off the porch. It’s overcast. For the past week I slowly put them closer to direct light. Gave a very light AN feeding. Some light fine speckles on the leaves, not sure maybe mites. Will use nuke’em tomorrow.


Late Week 2 from germination - strange mottling on the leaves. There are streaks/blotches of lighter pigment. :worried:

Week 3 from germination

They’re starting to grow. I put a little more coco around the stems because they were so thin and stretchy. I’ve brought them in a few times during storms so the stems wouldn’t break. they’re finally starting to bulk up a little but the NL is still quite wispy.

Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect plus B-52 feeding for seedlings

The color is now almost all that light color that originally started off as streaks. What is happening? It got worse after I fed them yesterday. They are praying up to the sun a bit- it’s high 80’s and humid and I’m sure it’s a little uncomfortable.

But what’s up with the color?? Its hard to see on the pics but they look like they’ve been bleached. Am I not supposed to use AN outdoors? I used the leftover feed on my squash and pepper plants and same thing! Their leaves all look bleached out. The AHz is still mottled but the NL is really pale.


What’s your ph going in ?

i’m using Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect so I haven’t been measuring. my indoor plants are also getting it and so far they’re fine.

Thought I was going to lose the Northern Lights overnight- when i went to bed she was deflated and almost shriveling. VERY surprised to see she bounced back overnight. It’s already very bright out so it’s hard to see if the color really changed but they almost seem that they may be a little greener this morning.

Wondering if the Neem is the issue.

Hard to say for sure but I think there’s a little more color in the leaves today. It’s 96 degrees and miserable, they were pointing up and canoeing a little bit so I put them in the shade and they immediately seemed to appreciate it.

Maybe tomorrow I give them just PH’d water straight? This is day 2 after the last water with AN nutes for seedlings and the B-52.

This is the NL, which was the worst out of the three. It’s stem is still half as thick as it’s sisters.


She looks good today :grin:

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Week 4 from germination update

Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights Autoflowers
AN Coco with B-52
Outdoors Mid Atlantic region
Temps this week were decent 80-85, humidity 50-60.

Amnesia haze is really taking off finally and in the lead, followed by the Blueberry. Northern Lights color has mostly come back. They seem to be liking the Advanced Nutrients coco formula. Maybe I mismeasured two weeks ago and that did something to bleach them out. Still don’t know what’s up with the mottling- thinking now maybe its some strange leaf miner - have them all over my garden.

Overall they’re looking pretty good, just worried I may have stunted them. I did a very light LST, not sure if it makes sense to do it outside?


This is day 24 since they poked their heads out. Do they seem really small?

Also, temps going up to 95 this week. Would shade netting be order? I could put them under some cover on the porch, too… not sure which would be better.

Day 30 from sprouting/ Start of Week 5

Blueberry, Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights autoflowers grown outdoors
Coco with AN sensi nutes in 5L pots.
Watering/feeding every 3-4 days
Mid Atlantic climate- mid 90’s all week with humidity all over the map.

The BB and AHz are filling out. The NL is still small and not branching out much. I’ve been doing light LST which is more challenging than I anticipated. Practice practice. I didn’t fill the pots up all the way and it’s turning out to be a drawback- the sides of the pots fold in. At night these plants really droop which poses an extra challenge to LST. I’ve had a few broken branches.

Mottling- the new growth on the BB and AHz still coming in with the splotchy coloring. Everybody is a slightly healthier shade of green.

Day 31… not sure if we have our first signs of flower? The color is off in the photo. I hope not… they still seem really small and the NL is a runt compared to the AHz.


And the anmesia haze is one funky looking critter. the leading theory is that I have Tobacco Mosaic Virus. i’m really. hoping. NOT.

Day 41 update of the UGLY outdoor grow. I have no clue how these plants have survived at all. the weather is barely fit for humans, 95-100 and humid pretty solid the last two weeks. We get sporadic storms with 60mph winds and hail. Some days I run outside 3 time to pull them under cover and bring them back out again. i’m really not enjoying this.

3 Autos, Northern lights, blueberry and Amnesia Haze
5 gallon pots
coco with AN Sensi and B-52 full strength per bottle directions, every 3-4 days when dry

The BB looks like it’s in flower and is looking good so I’m starting with that. No idea if the size is typical. I would expect everything to be stunted with this heat.

The AHz is as mottled forever, and I lost two days to researching tobacco mosaic virus and other mosaic viruses that can affect cannabis. I still really have no idea what this is or how to proceed. My vegetable garden is dead. Of course there are many things that could have happened. I’m just trying to decide if I should destroy the AHz or not. It’s been sequestered but what do I do when it comes to drying it? And TMV is spread by smoking it… but what if this is just a genetic mutation? I haven’t found anywhere to do testing. There are at home kits, but you have to test for a specific virus and there are many. The consensus is till out as to whether cannabis can actually get TMV. Hemp Mosaic Virus seems more plausible.

The northern lights was born with an extra leaf. It’s been a runt since day one. it’s still less than half the size of it’s sisters. I’m not expecting much out of this one, either.

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The doggo on guard duty, but looking a little more like she’s been sampling the goods.


Yep that’s a pothead if I’ve ever seen one…notice the squinted eyes and relaxed leg? Dead giveaway lol


Day 41, quick update. BB and AHz are stretching nicely. this was more the BLAM i was expecting.

Also, IGLM has offered to look at my Amnesia Haze leaves and I’ll be sending a few in along with a little soil. Going to send the seeds back, too. I didn’t destroy it. it was out there for so long without realizing it was possibly a virus that I figure all of the damage has already been done. Half of my garden has been disposed of and the other half is going as soon as weather allows. the other two plants didn’t contract it, so feeling that’s a positive sign. still keeping as sequestered as possible practicing the best hygiene I can. hopefully i’ll hear something back by harvest time as i’m not sure what i’m supposed to do about drying it with the others and any dangers of smoking and possibly spreading a virus.

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as if the weather, pests and diseases weren’t sufficient, sure as shit someone jumped my fence. not sure if they saw the ladies hiding in the (actual) weed bed, but i gotta think this wasn’t the last i’ve seen of them. #can’thaveanythingnice

Day 46 from germination update.

The blueberry is definitely in flower but I’m reversing my judgement on the NL and AHz. The NL is still small but it is at least growing. the AHz actually surpassed the BB.

Temps are 100 and going up over the next few days. I started watering/feeding every day at 75% strength, may need to do it twice over the next few days. I switched the BB over to bloom feeding. so now everyone’s getting different meals.

Oddly they’re not showing any signs of heat stress so I haven’t pulled them into the shade yet. not sure if i should preemptively do that or let them tell me when they’ve had enough?

Is it weird to have autos at day 46 still in veg?

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