Out of the spotlight

Down the main stem or a little off to the side. The tireless supporting cast;


ILGM Strawberry Kush;


Looking good! I just harvested a Blueberry auto. She’s been hanging for 5 days but it’s been sooo humid she’ll need a couple of more days. Here’s just before removing all the leaves…

she topped out at 31"

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And here she is all cleaned up…


The main cola came in at 13"

total wet weight for all with stems was 369g or 13.2oz. I’m expecting 3-4oz cured


Nicely done @jusgettinby. I have a bit of a ways to go with the plants pictured in my post, although it looks like the OG Kush will finish first (same scenario as my last grow). Strangely, I fimmed both plants but they blew past the fim, no multiple colas were produced. I implemented LST a bit late to try and compensate. The Strawberry Kush’s main cola still dominates but the OG Kush has a more spread out canopy.

BTW, my post is a nod to a documentary from a few years ago called ‘20 Feet From Stardom’. An interesting film on the lives of professional backup singers. Worth a viewing IMHO.

Keep up the good work.

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I will look into it. I’ve been a semi-pro singer-songwriter for 40 years. Singing harmonies & back ups is where I live!

And just an fyi… if you post your photos individually we can zoom in for better views of tricomes, etc…


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Okay, I was unaware that posting multiple images in the same post rendered zoom unworkable. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Well here she is… dried & manicured 60g. Now into the mason jars to cure!