Organic Terpenes for vape carts

Anybody ever heard of EJs Mix?

Ccell cart takes on oil just fine. No terms needed. But pure cannabis terps a drop maybe 2 is all you need. Just use a haridryer to make it run

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You want to return it to the freezer to winterize it for another 48 hours, then filter, and purge the ethanol. Personally, I decarb in the oven, not a hot oil bath.

Ethanol washed dabs take time, but are worth it.

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I have a question. I’ve collected what I have and I know there is some still in the pyrex but can’t seem to get it up. Can you put parchment paper down then pour onto that so once its evaporated and ready you could easily pull the paper out?

It is my 1st try and wasn’t planning a massive turn out. 7g and I know there is probably another .5 stuck. Total that I could retrieve turned out to be just under .6 … just trying to improve on the collecting so I don’t waste as much on the return.

Use a silicone pie pan or a silicon mat in a bowl.

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