Organic soil grows with shindig153

Starting a new grow and have decided to do my first official grow journal.
I’m growing Bubblegum and Gold Leaf using super soil. The recipe is courtesy of @garrigan62. I made the soil at the end of November and cooked it next to my wood stove for three months.

My base soil is reused from my last grow. I do like the fact that by using super soil I can reuse my soil over and over again. The only soil I need to buy is what I use to make super soil. Nothing fancy just a good organic blend. I made sure to test for PPM at the end of my last grow and it was around 300 ppm. A little bit of nutrients to give my new ladies good start.
I’m using 10 gallon fabric pots. I filled two about half full of super soil.

Then I top the pots up with my reused soil.

I also use an earthbox and set it up the same. The earthbox is for my tomato plants this time around. I plan on growing two autoflowers in the earthbox this fall.

I use a bestva 1200 watt reflector series blurple light for veg and add a second one for flower.

My tent is a cheap 4x4. I have a small 4 inch fan to pull in fresh fair at the bottom and the top vent pulled up so the heat can escape. That helps keep the humidity up for veg. Right now my humidity sits at 62%. Temp is mid 70’s lights on and mid 60’s lights off.

Here are my ladies as of this morning.

Gold leaf first. She is almost two weeks old. I start my seeds with the wet paper towel then normally put them in their forever home. I tried putting the start in a four inch pot in a humidity dome. I won’t do that again for indoor plant again. I feel it slowed down the growth. Since put in the new pot she is starting to take off.

Bubblegum next. I tried to start a couple of Sour D seeds with no success. I decided to grow Bubblegum because it’s my wife’s favorite and smells wonderful. Here she is at two days old.

Also in the tent are tomatos. Amish Paste and Cherry.

Romaine lettuce and beet greens.

And a mix a leaf lettuce, beet greens and radishes


No Fair!!! eating healthy fresh grown vegetables for your munchies is illegal! :grin: good luck on your grow!


Just trying to use my space efficiently. The veggies will be good. Unfortunately for my munchies, veggies are not what I gravitate to.:grin:


Awesome!!! Loving the detail and that your growing your home grown veggies in there too which is also a hobby of mine (growing my food) please tag me in so I can follow along! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Got my humidity dialed in. My tent stays in the mid 60’s using my homemade humidifier. My humidity starts to decrease when I need to fill my bucket with water or water the plants. Here’s my stoner engineering.:laughing:

Lights on temps steady 73 to 75. Lights out temps steady mid to upper 60’s.

Some nice growth over the last five days.
The Gold Leaf is growing one set of leaves at a time. She’s an oddball but still growing well.

Bubblegum hasn’t gotten much taller. She is putting down roots this week. There will be a lot more growth next week.

The veggies are growing well. I gave the tomatos a little support.

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Looking good that bubblegum will catch up before u know it.

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I planted some tomatoe seeds a few days back. Looking awesome here!!


Bubblegum was started a 1 1/2 weeks later than Goldleaf.


Nice work! :+1:

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Nice lol look good so far

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To add to your stoner engineering. Maybe use a worm tea as your water. Enrich the air :wink:


There is a plan for brewing tea but not until the runoff tells me it’s time. I already have my worm castings on hand. I will water from my 10 gallon goldfish tank once a week until then.


Thank you

No I mean to use in your home made humidifier water

You’re talking co2?

Still burning wood to heat the house. I have to add water every couple of days. Wicked dry right now. I’m just glad I can keep my tent at 60% humidity.

That’s a good idea. I’ll add that to the memory banks.
I like drinking beer. Maybe I’ll start to brew. Growing only two plant at a time should give me room.

No I’m talking about putting worm tea in your bucket of water where you’re getting your humidity from.

Why not have enriched humidity .

Or yes you can find a way to put something in the water to possibly enrich the CO2

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I’ve never heard of that. Worm poop infused humidified air.:laughing: Now that I understand what you’re talking about it sounds like a no brainer. Thanks for the suggestion.


That’s one of my secrets :shushing_face:

Want another secret to go with that idea…?