Ordering from ILGM

When one orders from here how do you distinguish between photos n autos? For instance my wife has found a mix pack she’s interested in, however the description doesn’t say , will it give you the option at checkout , because for now we’d like to stick to autos , thanks again y’all!!

There should be a sub category for auto.

It says it in the name… if it doesn’t say auto flower it’s not auto

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Totally get it… my wife is an info freak I just want to give her other opinions than mine , if your married you may be familiar if you’re not married let that be a note to self lol thanks


Don’t worry about it, my wife was kinda blah on the whole growing thing when I got started, but now I’ll get home and she’ll meet me at door like u gotta come see, married life, after so many years u wonder how I ever made it alone, lol good luck will tag in my grow journal GSCX AUTOS from the pack u are looking at

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Info freak? More like an info maniac.

RIP Harris

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