Ordered from ILGM

Recently ordered from ILGM which I believe is in Amsterdam Holland, I have ordered from ILGM before because I wanted the BEST genetics possible, I received them in possibly the fastest record time ever of about 6-7 days.
This immediately had me wondering how they could have done that.
My order actually came from Anaheim California??
Is this something new?!
I ordered from ILGM, why did they come from the States?? And are these genuine ILGM strains??

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They are. They have a stash in Cali so they can get them to you faster


Thanks, I’ve had them in a cup of water since yesterday 27 hours now and no sign of anything yet, and they sank,
Getting a little bit nervous as I’ve had great results with ILGM in the past

The blackberry I got popped tails in 24hrs. The blueberry took a little over 36hrs. Germinated in shot glass of water with half cap of peroxide.


If they sank, that is your sign - they have absorbed some of the water. Time to get them out of the cup of water before they drown. Most people would switch to the paper towel method now, some would directly plant the seed at this point.

Thanks Tommy, I’ll try that now

New York would stop them “Got one of mine” so moving to Cal seems to have fixed that.

Have I mentioned their excellent service this month? They sure know how to listen to feedback stared at my My Verizon app ib agony

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I leave mine in cup until they sprout. Usually day and half to 2 days. Then plant them. I’m 99% germ rate. Only time I’ve lost a seed is because my wife planted too deep. Her other likes are killing clones and smoking all my weed.


I’ve been with straight paper towels with bag seeds forever…so we did that with ilgm seeds…
30 of 32 are reaching for the sky

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Hi thanks for the info sounds like ILGM should refund me my hard earnt money and I will try a different supplier