Opinions on Godfather OG Cush Strain

I haven’t even cut down my Girl Scout cookie plant yet and starting to plan for next year grow.
Want something that will totally put you on the couch. I can only grow two plants on my deck but they get special attention. Does anyone have any experience with The Godfather OG Cush Strain.My GG#4 really turned out good and I think the GSC is going to be even better. Can any of the veterans suggest any other strains I might want to try, Mark
Charlotte, N.C

Off the top of my head grandaddy purple, G-13, super glue, and Northern lights were all to slow for me I know there’s more but can’t think of any now

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when you say too slow what do you mean?

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Couch lock high I always preferred an up high

And that’s exactly why I own all those beans! :rofl:

The Gelatos have some high THC counts and great couch lock abilities.
My next grow is RSC Green Gelato and averages 25-27% THC.

Currently growing ILGM Super Skunk and NYCD and I’m impressed by the performance of both and the potential, based on what I’m seeing and smelling.

Bluetooth auto ,super skunk ,ducks foot auto , critical bud auto or photo

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