Oops, mixed them up?

These both were labeled but one also had another strain on it. Do you think they look the same? Hot Rod on top and possibly skittlez on bottom. One pic is just spread out to see more. Cant really tell til they grow…huh?

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As far as I know, it is not possible to determine strain of seeds visually. It may even be very difficult to have any reasonable certainty when the plant is growing. Good luck with it and have fun with your grow.


Lol. Thanks. Im not growing these rn, Im organizing my stash. I got about 25 of diff unknown seeds from the last crop of 4 diff photo strains. that i really mixed up, with the help of someone moving them when sprouts. After i played the which belongs to what group in veg and then the bloom tendencies, i had them kinda grouped but still dont know until i grow one from each and compare. Thats what ill do. Ill one of each. Even if ita a male, the early veg stage really revealed solid patterning. Just for my own brain filing. I did get the seeds from an indoor grow, i had a bud, one bud, wuth like 15 seeds. The pods around it were immature but im growing one right now. And gave one away…a very diff one from the other!!! Same bud!! I think one of them threw a nanner. That one i compared my journal and my pics and it looks like the mama early veg. The other one, same bud titally diff. Totally diff that any plant ive ever grown and ive done about 25 strains. I scrogges it with a halo frame, but the buds are crazy big and hairy. Shes flipped with the others 24 days ago. I had her outside but its such a cool looking plant i put her back in the flowering room so i could make sure she can live her potential! Lol.

Point being…3 seeds. Same and only heavily seeded bud of 15 plants. (and there are a random few seeds in my cure/storage jars and another few hit the tarp when cutting and taking off drying rack.) But of the 3 plants one was male and just a seed i put in from the grow a few weeks ahead so i didnt pay attention its early veg. But the next 2…heres a pics. 1st is the one i gave away for comparison of how diff and same bud, even.


That circle doohickey is a pretty solid idea. Is that a 5 gal pot @Lunabudz929 ? Is it helping? Youre like me when you take pics… always get the shoes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If the seeds are remarkably different, you could probably tell between 2 (maybe 3 if you’re lucky). My Chocolate Thai seeds looked completely different form my NorCal Smoothies, as did my 11 Roses… but all of my other seeds looked too similar to distinguish between them.

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Its a circular grid on 3 legs. Its a garden device. Im gonna try it again but make the stakes telescopic so i can start low and keep it stretching the plant, selecting the best bud sites pre flip. Thiis thing is sturdy af. It was like 3$ at one of those overstock places. Its cool. However…plant is herming i think. I took kt outside. I was reareanging the training, it looks so cool, im bummed. Ill take pic of both. But the cage is def an awesome experiment! I popped 10 randoms to try things on! Its prob a 3gallon pot, i put them in all kinds of stuff. They are all over, my projects and experiments.

*feet always in pics…lol​:foot::footprints:

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