One of my favorite days...Harvest Day!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Matthew420 @DissidentPriest @Niala After 83 days, 34 after flowering, one Strawberry Haze plant got her final flush and is now sitting in the dark wondering who turned the lights out. My little Chinese 60x piece of crap hand microscope arrived and I could see cloudy trichs with here and there an amber…good enough! Now to start a whale of a plant…Moby Dick!


Wooo Hoooo :tada::champagne::beers::beers:
Love harvest day you’ll be trimming and jarring soon enough and sampling so tasty treats soon :grin::sunglasses::+1:

And I’ll be walking around stoned all day from all that trimming and jarring because I don’t wear gloves.:laughing:


Mmmmmmm… Finger hash is yummy!

Sure is, better than peanut butter out of the jar…and stinkier too!

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