Old mj seed plant progress

First grow here…i have 1 hemp cherrtwine and this thing…growing fast.
Seed from a baggie…was thinking its a female…
Would value opinions on the photo.
Thank you


Looks like pistils my friend. :+1:
Congrats. It’s a girl. :grin::v:


plants will show first sex at main stem and side branch intersection.

a female is tear drop shaped and will have two fine white hairs showing.

males…cluster of ball shaped pollen sacks. takes a week for them to form and get ready to spew seed pollen. let one pollen sack open and every female a 100’ radius will become a seed factory.


I identified it as a female plant a while back…but with the way the growth is starting so close to the stem, i wasnt sure if something else was happening.

Looks female.

Although you can never rule out a hermie until harvest.

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Thsts what i was worried about.
Flower starting at the very top…then these growing close to stem.