Okay so i just want peoples opinions?

Hi all,
So I’m growing fem plants at the minute and it’s a drag I feel like I’m getting it then bang the plants surprise me with different problems.
So my question is are autos easier to grow and also are they easier to maintain?
I’m in 3rd week of flower and my plants are small very small compare to everyone elses I see on here for the last week maybe 10 days I have seen no growth whatsoever and I’m getting really annoyed I know I’m proberly being impatient.
I’ve been growing these plants for 15 weeks now so do autos grow quicker?



yes they do grow quicker but yours are having a problem witch could be many things. Like, lights, heat, cold or your soil or what ever your using.
I make my own soil and water only. But auto’s will flower when there ready to. and light time doesn’t mater but when in flower 18 6 is good.
When you start your next grow i’ll help you make your own soil and all you’ll have to do is water and watch them grow. so don’t get mad cause you have nothing to … lol

here is a link and read what my friends have to say there are two links here.


Autos are easier but if you are having issues this won’t fix your issues.
Autos also in my opinion are never as high in thc as a normal feminised plant in order to get them to flower without light change they loose some of the potency.
What you need to do is fix whatever issues you are having and be vigilant to catch any problems early.
Don’t be disheartened that your buds look smaller than others on here some of us have been growing for many many years and we stay on here to share our experience and help novice and experienced growers alike and even after 25 years I’m still learning new techniques and methods every day


What kind of lighting do you have? Feeding? Soil/hydro? Ph?

Okay so I have canna terra pro soil and I mix bat guano sea weed meal with worm castings
Ph is 6.4
Ppm is 1058
Also using calmag
Temperature day 23° night is 19°/20°
Humidity day is 52% night is 48%
I am using a phlizon 1200w light indoors with a 4" extractor
I am feeding at the minute
Fox farm tiger bloom and fox farm big bloom

The only thing I dont do currently is runoff ppm as it was never set up

Looks like you have things pretty well figured out. Make sure to flush per fox farm trio per instructions. I didn’t do that the first time round and the buds were very harsh.
Might want to consider a more powerful light. That light says it’s 1200 watt light but actually draws only191 watts from the wall. The watt draw from the wall will limit the plant in flowers. The lights I have used are 1200 watt reflector series bestva. It actually draws 257 watts. I use one for veg and two during flower. They draw 514 from the wall during flower to get descent yields. Even those are okay lights.
I set up a new light from Horticulture lighting group the hlg260 quantum board. It is efficient with no loud fan. And white light Instead of the blurple. I’m excited the try it out. Happy so far and it’s really bright.


The thing is I dont my leafs are getting really bad yellow colour and I dont know what the problem is dont know if to feed more tiger bloom as they may not be getting enough nutes
I’m growing fem seeds I’m 3rd week into flower still on 12/12 lighting is that the correct light scheduling

Post a picture of the plant in natural light. I might be able to diagnose or point you to someone who can.

Auto flower plants can be really tricky.

Most people make that mistake more isn’t better especially with nutrients I use a half strength grow mix and mix my bloom nutrients a little less than what they recommend on a light feeding
How often are you feeding?
Can you post a picture of your setup include your pots and the issue you are having with the leaf

It is the correct lighting schedule. The important info that you’re missing out on is what is in your soil already, runoff ppm. Once you get that it’ll be easier to figure out where you’re at nutrient wise

Holy fuck this cant be right apprently my run off is 9394ppm

That’s your problem…:slightly_frowning_face::wink:
You need to flush them…

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Is this okay to use to flush


Also what should my ppm run off be so I know to keep it at that amount

If your in soil , 1100 to 1600 depending on how hungry your plants are…
A picture of the plant would help… :wink:
Just plain water would work also…
Make sure it’s ph’d correctly…

Just plain old water with the correct ph is all you need keep flushing until your run off is around the 500-600 mark then you can start slowly increasing your nutrients until the run off is around the 1000-1500 mark less is always more especially with soil
over fertilising is a common mistake what is your feeding schedule?
With soil it’s very common for people to feed nutrients one day and strait water for the next 2-3 days

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Do you rinse out your saucer trays?
If you don’t they will accumulate solids over time from earlier watering if there is run off and you just suck it out and it can skew your readings higher mixing in with what’s really coming out.

Can you post current pics and for that matter pics from earlier in the grow too.

Growing organically (tiger bloom isn’t organic but looks like some other amendments you listed seem to be) higher ppm in run off isn’t too critical in my limited experience using all organic amendments. I only flush them if I’m having issues.

Okay I know my plants look crap but this is my first ever grow and I didnt realise run off was so important

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Looks like a bit of nutrient burn going there
Cut back and use fresh water for a few days and then start back with a light nutrient feed in 4-5 days slowly increasing until you get the run off numbers you are looking for
Also as a rule of thumb I grow my plants until the 9th set of leaves are up then turn my lights back this gives you a reasonable size plant without being too big or small it will still grow for 3-4 weeks after you turn the lights back
Thirdly I would look at getting a good light meter so you can see what your lights are putting out and getting distances right for growing and bloom


What’s your humidity running…
I’m seeing all kinds of powdery mildew on every plant…
Your going to need your humidity down to 40% to 50% and more air movement… don’t blow directly on the plant’s , point the fan at a wall and move air all around them… :wink:
First thing you should do is spray them real good with a mix of 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide…

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