Ok my background is black

How do I get my background white again?

Do you have night mode or dark mode turned on ? Could be a setting in the browser. If your using a phone check the settings app

Is that in the browser or in this site?

What browser are you using ? Are you on a phone or computer?

Samsung using Google Chrome, a galaxy s10

Ok I feel really stupid! I found nigjt mode in app by pulling down to page bottom or rather scrolling to top of page and its shows up under the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom. Anyway its fixed! Thanks for the help!

Sometimes it’s really hard to accept our heritage. Sure many years ago the blacks were referred to with some derogatory terms. We’ve come a long way since then. To try and change your black background is running away from who you are. There are so many things to be proud of. You’ve had a black man in the Oval Office for 8 years. There are some really good basketball players that support your background. Many very funny people on the list. (We’ll skip over Bill Cosby) Oprah gives away a lot of stuff. The Tuskegee guys could really fly airplanes. Sure maybe some areas aren’t covered well, I’m thinking swimming, rowing, and auto racing but it doesn’t mean walk away from your background. Embrace it! Keep the faith! Black power! BLM!


Yeah ok :laughing: its not about race, its about my eyesight. I see black letters against a white background much better.


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